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  • Santas from all over the world gathered today at the Constitution Square of Athens Greece for the annual Santa Run Athens.

  • AthensCon '16 took place at the Olympic Tae Kwon Do Stadium is located in the beach front of Athens and more specifically in the Faliron Delta at the end of Syngrou Avenue. The two day ultimate Greek Convention had Thousands of guests. and it was about comics, collectibles, board games,video games and movies.

  • Night riots after the annual celebrations of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising of 17 November 1973 happened tonight inside and outside of the National Technical University of Athens by anarchists.

  • The annual celebrations of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising 17 November 1973, that was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 took place this year again at the spot of National Technical University of Athens. Thousands of protesters gave tribute with carnations to the "Monument to the uprising" of the anti-junta revolt that ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 1973 after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic.

  • Hellenic Air Force Organised today at Flisvos Bay Piraeus their annual Air Show due to November 8 celebrations for their protector Archangel Michael.

  • Athens flying week is the city’s international aviation event and it has been characterized as one of the biggest and most successful aviation events in South East Europe. It provides a unique show conducted by top aviation teams from around the world, who demonstrate their flying skills by operating their state of the art aircraft across the Athenian sky. It contributes to the tourism development of the country and adds an extra advantage to Athens, which has been considered a preferred city break destination.

  • XBOX Arena Festival took place yesterday in Athens Greece. The greatest Gaming event ever took place yesterday in Athens Greece, with Gaming Tournaments, many presents, VIPs, Guest DJ, and famous Greek You Tubers, with over 70 gaming stations that fans could participate and get to know the latest video games for XBOX One.

  • A 23 year old Greek Youtuber Leonidas Peplis, organised today solidarity gathering at the center of Athens through Youtube and Facebook. Many of his followers and youngsters accepted his calling with food and clothes. Indignant Motorcyclists of Greece where there too so to help his effort. Leonidas and his followers promised to do it again soon as they did it again last year.

  • Huge demonstration in the center of Athens over pension reforms.

  • Citizens and some members of the political party "New Democracy", gathered today in front of the Greek parliament for the second time at "We are Europe" event, demanding from the Greek government to help Greece remain in the Eurozone and within the European Union.