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  • Students accompanied by members of the TNI study online at the 110th TNI Manunggal Build Village (TMMD) Post in Parepare City, South Sulawesi. In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Posko (TMMD) provides free wifi for students who are constrained by the cost of internet quota to study online.

  • A general view of Friday flea market at Hazratbal located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

  • The Communist Party Of India(Marxist) along with its other left wing tributaries and student unions called for this ‘Peoples Brigade’. Unlike previous years this time the left party held the hands of Indian National Congress(INC) and Indian Secular Front(ISF). The alliance with the newly emerging power of ISF led by Abbas Siddiqui,a prominent muslim face from the Furfura Sharif shrine,is quite notable and somewhat controversial for this brigade. Though it attracted a mass no of minority Muslims of Bengal towards the Brigade Parade Ground, the opposition didn’t miss the chance to target the CPI(M) for its deviation from ‘left ideology’. The brigade platform questioned both the state and central government of their corruption, bribery, abduction,…

  • Party members of Indian National Congress, Indian Secular Front (ISF) and Left parties are going to participate on the Brigade rally ahead of the West Bengal state legislative assembly elections in Kolkata.

  • Lakhs of devotees gather at Har Ki Pauri Ghat to take a holy dip in Ganga river on the occasion of Magh Purnima (full moon day) in Haridwar.

  • Indian secular front or ISF activists take part in a rally to protest against Farm Bill.

  • In Islam, Jummah (Friday) is the holiest day of the week on which special congregational prayers are offered. But, during the Covid situation, when the world is collapsed with coronavirus, all the mosque were being closed by the order of the Government. But, after a certain period of time, they offered to open the mosque, specially a hard rules for the "Jummah Prayer" having a fixed number of people could gather at a mosque to pray for the Jummah. But, despite having critical Covid-19 Pandemic situation in Bangladesh, people gather in a large number in Mosque without social distancing not only during the covid pandemic but also post-covid time to say their Jummah Prayer in Bangladesh.

  • A large number of Sikh pilgrims from Pakistan and abroad attend the 100th anniversary (1921 to 2021) of the Sikh religious incident "Saka Nankana" three-day historical celebrations at Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Baba Guru Nanak some 100km from Lahore. Three-day historical celebrations at Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Baba Guru Nanak, have begun with the religious rites of Akhand Pat.

  • A man holds an Holy Bible while Pope Francis from the window of the Apostolic palace delivers the blessing on February 21 2021 overlooking the faithful in the St.Peter's square in Vatican. Faithful are still allowed in Saint Peter square in limited numbers and wearing masks due to the rules against Covid-19 pandemic spread.

  • The Sriwijaya Agung Temple building is divided into three areas (tri mandala). This division is based on the teaching that Bhuwana Agung (macrocosm) is divided into Tri Loka namely Bhuh Loka, Bhwah Loka, Swah Loka with different functions. Pura Agung Sriwijaya is located on Seduduk Putih Street, 8 Ilir Village, Ilir Timur II (Kenten) District, Palembang City.

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah visits Bharat Sevashram Sangha during his visit to Kolkata.

  • A procession has been organized to save the Jalangi river, an initiative of the students of the Tehatta region with the support of "Jalangi Nodi bachao committee" (Save the Jalangi River) at Tehatta, West Bengal; India on 17/02/2020. There they performed self-composed river awareness-based dance, songs, recitations, plays and at the end lighting earthen lamps. Once Jalangi was a full-flowing river but now the river is full of sediments and has lost its depth. The river is breaking its side portions every day. The intense pressure of growing populations, industrialization, unrestricted excavation and unplanned development is seriously showing in terms of both quality and quantity of water the rivers provide. Jalangi River…

  • The immersion of the clay idols of Goddess Saraswati is being held at the bank of river Ganga after the festival of 'Saraswati Puja'.

  • Public anger growing across the country against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India. Many people lost their incomes almost after COVID-19 lockdown and government increase price of petrol, diesel and gas cylinder everyday. Now anger is starting to surface in key states at a leader who won his second term in office with a sweeping majority. Today, Congress party activists demonstrate with a bike on bullock cart on road during a protest against Modi government after hike in fuel prices, in Beawar, Rajasthan, India on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Protesters chanting slogans against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling BJP party. Youth Congress president Bhupendra Panwar wearing facemask of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents…

  • Hindu devotees gathered to attend the world largest religious gathering "Kumbh Mela", is a major pilgrimage and festival in Hinduism. It is celebrated in a cycle of approximately 12 years at four river-bank pilgrimage sites: the Allahabad (Ganges-Yamuna Sarasvati rivers confluence), Haridwar (Ganges), Nashik (Godavari), and Ujjain (Shipra) and also in Vrindavan.The first Sahi Snan(Royal Bath) taken on February, 29 in Vrindavan.

  • Kashmiri Pandits offer special Puja at Historic Shital Nath Temple after 31 years on the occasion of Basant Panchami in the heritage city of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

  • An idol of Hindu goddess Saraswati inside a pandal on Basant Panchami festival in Kolkata. Saraswati is goddess of education, knowledge, music, culture and art. Saraswati Puja is celebrated to announce the arrival of spring and has been synonymous with young girls and women dressing up in the finest of yellow or golden sarees and other outfits and going out to meet their friends and family. People worship goddess Saraswati in their homes and academic institution.

  • In an attempt to reach people of 294 Legislative Assembly constituency ahead of the upcoming West Bengal Assembly Election the ruling party of India Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ‘Parivartan Rathyatra’ (Journey of Chariot for Change) by a specially equipped car from Nabadwip in Nadia (West Bengal, India). It has entered Tehatta (Nadia, West Bengal; India) on 14/02/2021.

  • On the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, people celebrate Saraswati puja across the Indian subcontinent. According to the Hindu mythology, goddess Saraswati is the daughter of goddess Durga and known as the goddess of knowledge, music, culture and art. People worship goddess Saraswati in their homes and academic institution.

  • A strange phenomenon for Naples and the Neapolitans: snow falls on the streets of the city.

  • A huge mass marriage happened on this valentine's day at Indira Maidan in kolkata with more than 60 couple. This entire event was maintained by the Aloy Fera foundation in order to help people from economically weaker background and took major expenses of their marriage ceremony.

  • The metal buffalo Chinese New Year 2021 is required to comply with health protocols to break the chain of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Artists at Kumortuli are making the idols of Goddess Saraswati for the 'Saraswati puja' festival which happens on a holy day called 'Vasant Panchami'. Saraswati is the goddess of education, knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. So, mainly the students worship her in schools, colleges, universities etc.

  • Polish women protest in Berlin, Solidemo.

  • The Chinese community of Kolkata celebrating Chinese New Year which is often referred to as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year in mainland China. It begins from the appearance of the new moon according to the Chinese Lunar calender. This year marks the transition from the zodiac sign 'Year Of Rat' to 'Year Of Ox'. It's a time for merry making, family reunion. Children and elderly masquerades in gorgeous and colourful Dragon wears with funky LED lighting stripped to it.

  • This year's celebration includes no prayers with fellow Tri Dharma followers or the implementation of various religious rituals, because it is still the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • On the first day of Chinese New Year celebrations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Chinese New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar and is widely celebrated throughout the country.

  • Chinese community is practicing a mimic lion's dance movement for the upcoming lunar Chinese new year.

  • Artists are preparing the largest lying Buddha statue of 100 feet in India. It will be set at Bodhi Gaya religious site in Bihar.

  • Customer looks at valentines gifts items in a gift store for the forthcoming Valentine Day celebrations in Beawar.

  • Residents perform temple cleaning in preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations at the Chandra Nadi Temple in Palembang.

  • The largest among the refugee camps for ‘Biharis’ in Bangaldesh is Geneva Camp in Dhaka. Rights organisations have reported on the difficult living conditions in the camp. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the announcement many times in recent years of plans for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, for over 50,000 people packed in an area slightly larger than acre, Geneva Camp continues to be their home.

  • The largest buddha statue of India is under development by artist Mintu pal in Kolkata and will be sent prior to Bodh Gaya on Buddha Purnima. As per the Buddha International Welfare Mission, this statue is about 100 feet in length.

  • Inauguration of the Votive Chapel for Maradona in the Quartieri Spagnoli, at the base of the mural dedicated to him in the 1980s. To remove the veil is his son Diego jr, moved and excited by the initiative.

  • Celebration of Father of the Nation in Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's historic speech delivered at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata on February 6, 1972, in Kolkata February 6, 2021.

  • Congress party activists wearing facemask of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah demonstrate with a gas cylinder during a protest against hike in fuel prices, in Beawar. Petrol, diesel prices hiked by 30 paise for second consecutive day in India. Price of domestic gas cylinder has increased by Rupees 25.

  • Congress leader Sachin Pilot addresses during Kisan Mahapanchayat (Farmers Rally) to demand rollback of the Centre’s agriculture sector laws in Dausa. Pilot said he condemned the incident at Red Fort but the government was using this as an excuse to file criminal cases against farmers. Opposition parties of India will continue to support the farmers' agitation against the three farm laws.

  • Thousands of Muslim devotees took part in the Jumma prayer at Dhanmondi in Dhaka. Due to lack of adequate space in the mosque, people stand in congregation on the street. Dhaka 5 February 2021

  • Congress workers polishes shoes and sold fishes during a protest against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government over alleged unemployment after union budget 2021, in Beawar. Youth activists also beat their chest with raise slogans against BJP and PM Modi. Congress said, Budget is a betrayal of people and it will benefit only rich. Instead of putting cash in hands of poor, government is handing over country's assets to capitalists. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday presented first-ever digital Union Budget.

  • Father Alex Zanotelli with a new protest fast in piazza Montecitorio, against Europe cannot keep silent about the abandonment of migrants in Libya, in Turkey, in Lesbos, on the Balkan route , to remember and not remain silent.

  • A barbed wire fence set up at Gjazipur border for cut off farmers protesting near Delhi.

  • A citizen of Chinese descent has a tradition of burning gin cua paper in the area of the Tri Dharma Place of Worship (TITD) Hwie Ing Kiong Madiun. Administrators, workers and people of tri dharma make preparations to welcome the 2572 Chinese New Year celebration in 2021

  • An Anganwadi health worker administers polio vaccine drops to a child at a slum area during Pulse Polio eradication program in Beawar.

  • Protest for Women Rights in Poland and for legal abortion.

  • Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from France on February 1, 1979 to lead the Iranian Islamic Revolution. The Islamic Revolution of Iran victory on February 11, 1979. Every year, from February 1 to February 11, the Iranian government holds ceremonies to mark the anniversary of the victory of the islamic revolution. Iran celebrates the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, starting Sunday, 31 january.

  • Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot launches the Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Swasthya Bima Yojna (Health Insurance Scheme) in Jaipur. The new health insurance plan of the Rajasthan government will benefit 1.30 crore families and they would get free medical coverage.

  • Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot pays floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Martyrs Day, observed to mark the death anniversary of the father of nation, in Jaipur.

  • Student Graduation Ceremony with the Pandemic period health protocol at the State Islamic University of Palembang, South Sumatra, Saturday, January 30, 2021

  • A citizen of Chinese descent prayed to welcome the 2572 Chinese New Year celebration at the Tri Dharma Place of Worship (TITD) Hwie Ing Kiong Madiun

  • Congress workers make a human chain and burnt effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a protest against PM Modi's central government's anti-farmers measures and riots, in Beawar. Farmers have been protesting at Delhi borders with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh since November last year to demand the scrapping of farm laws saying they will hurt their livelihoods.