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  • Abandoned plastic is first collected through tokais. “TOKAI” means who collect junks from street, dustbin etc place. After that, a group of workers separate the plastic from the same junk. In the next step, these plastics are cut and some plastics are broken and then inserted into the machine to be transformed into little pieces (which is the first step of recycling), shown in the images. White plastic pieces need to be dried in hot sun but other colored pieces take 25 to 35 minutes to dry. That’s why the pieces of different colors are allowed to dry early in the morning when the sun is less hot. There are classifications among workers. The salary of senior workers is slightly higher than that of juniors. Workers are sometimes paid weekly…

  • Sea Turtle Conservation Center is located in Sattahip naval base Royal Thai Navy, Chonburi, Thailand. This center is controlled by Air and Coastal Defense Command. Inside the this place, there are promoting the conservation of sea turtles, turtle ponds for baby sea turtles before. going to the sea, and the gallery of the turtle life cycle, over the weekends there will be people constantly taking their families on a trip.

  • The steam engines of UNESCO World Heritage Site Darjeeling Himalayan Railway ''toy train''-s at the Darjeeling loco shed preparing for the early morning haul in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India on 11/06/2022. It is also considered to be the world's 22nd highest railway. Darjeeling Himalayan Railways may conduct up to 20 train rides. The trains are pulled by old-style coal-fired engines. Coal ashes fly there all the time, and Locomotive Mechanics are working all day in this polluted air.

  • Cattle bathe in the heavily polluted waters of Yamuna River with a thick white layer of toxic foam showing high water pollution levels on July 31, 2022 in Delhi, India.

  • Prädikow is a district of Prötzel in the district of Märkisch-Oderland in the state of Brandenburg.

  • Students of RSV Higher Secondary School get their faces painted as a tiger to spread awareness of saving the Big cat on the occasion of International Tiger Day, in Bikaner on Friday.

  • All preparations have been completed to defuse five World War II bombs in Goettingen, Germany. For this, 10,000 residents have been moved to safe places.

  • Members of NatureVolution of Indonesia planted 1,500 mangrove trees on the Tolitoli Coast in Wawobungi Village, Lalonggasu Meeto, Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi in the series of World Mangrove Day. This activity was carried out in collaboration between the Tolitoli Giant Clam Conservation Institute and NatureVolution Indonesia.

  • Photographic tour between two of the seven Eolie islands: Lipari and Salina.

  • An aerial view of the Sevoke Railway Bridge on River Teesta near Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary at Sevoke. It is a very important railway bridge and a famous tourist attraction, that connects Siliguri - Sevoke to the beautiful Dooars region of North Bengal.

  • People walk in rains with an umbrella or raincoat as it rains in New Delhi.

  • An immense fire hit the hills of Massarosa, in Tuscany, about 900 hectares of wood burned, about 100 homes and 500 people evacuated, for three days 4 canadair planes and 6 helicopters only at work to try to put out the flames

  • Bikaner Divisional Commissioner Dr. Neeraj K. Pawan performs prayer to Lord Shiva at a Vaishno Dham temple during the holy month of Shravan in Bikaner.

  • Due to the rain that has fallen since last Friday until this Saturday has resulted in many areas in Tangerang, Depok and Jakarta experiencing flooding due to overflowing rivers that pass through the area in the south Tangerang area. The water level reaches waist high of an adult.

  • Muslims perform Eid al-Adha 2022 / 1443 prayers at The Foundation of Islamic Centre of Thailand, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkok in Thailand, on July 10, 2022. Eid al-Adha is celebrated each year.

  • Chellanam in Ernakulam district is the worst seashore erosion-hit coastal village in Kerala. Though authorities have begun the first phase of construction of tetrapod seawall at Chellanam coast last week, the misery faced by residents of Kannamaly —the region most affected by sea erosion---will continue as the work plan excluded the area.Kannamaly is an open coast with no seawalls to prevent flooding.

  • Students go to school in the dense fog and pine forest on a rainy day through the Rainbow Bridge (Indreni Pull) on the 1.25-kilometres (0.78 mi) long famous Mirik Lake (Sumendu Lake) in Mirik, West Bengal. The literacy rate of Mirik is 88.38 % higher than the state (West Bengal) average of 76.26 %. In Mirik, female literacy is around 83.13% while the male literacy rate is 93.77 %.

  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is particularly popular with bees and bumblebees. The fragrant, white to deep purple lipped flowers have nectar and pollen for pollinators from June to September.

  • The markhor (Capra falconeri) is a large Capra species native to Central Asia, the Karakoram, and the Himalayas. It is listed on the IUCN Red List as Near Threatened. The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan and is regarded as the king of wild goats. This animal is diurnal and is mainly active in the early morning and late afternoon. A markhor mother and her fawns (baby) are at the conservation and breeding centre Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park (PNHZP) in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India on 11/06/2022.

  • Clouds loom over the statue of Subhash Chandra Bose during rainy season in Beawar.

  • Mirik valley is covered in tea bushes throughout the year, women tea workers plucking tea leaves from Tea Gardens during monsoon cloudy mornings in the little town of North Bengal Darjeeling district -Mirik, West Bengal, India on 10/06/2022. Electric poles of those gardens are the only medium of electricity connection all over the hill. According to the Darjeeling Tea Association, the previous year Darjeeling's tea production was around 7 million kg and exports were in the range of 3-3.5 million kg.

  • A Pond that has dried up due to the ongoing heatwave in New Delhi. The ongoing heatwave in New Delhi is expected to get a relief soon as light rains may occur in New Delhi as predicted by thr Indian Metrological Department(IMD).

  • The dry Brenta River. The river suffers from the heat wave that goes on unabated throughout Italy. Concern about the drought emergency in Veneto is growing. Bassano del Grappa takes cover with a restrictive order on water consumption. Water shortage caused by a chronic reduction of rain and atmospheric precipitations.

  • Thai farmers bring buffalo to the "Buffalo Racing Festival" at Ban Na Kattae Competition Stadium, Na Pa Subdistrict, Chonburi Province, on June 26, 2022 to preserve local culture and traditions. Chonburi Eastern Thailand, after the suspension of the event last year Due to the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Members of YSS foundation (Yuva Sangharsh Samiti), take part in Clean Yamuna Campaign, a cleanliness drive to clean the Yamuna Ghat.

  • Lazio on 20 June declared a state of calamity for drought that has hit the central Italian region and many others, especially in the north. Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti said the move was aimed at taking measures such as saving water in all activities starting with household consumption. A drought alert has spread from the Po valley, where waters are three quarters down amid the worst drought in 70 years, to central rivers like the Arno, the Aniene and the Tiber, which have half the water they normally do at this time of the year, officials said last week. While Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna are also set to request a state of emergency, authorities in the more central regions are urging a reduction in the use of water for…

  • The Victoria Memorial is an iconic structure in Kolkata. This white marbled opulent structure established in 1921, and was built in memory of Queen Victoria to celebrate her 25 years of rule over India and is almost a replica of the Victoria Memorial in London.

  • Due to the severe drought that is affecting Italy in this period the water level of the Tiber river in Rome is decreasing

  • BIKANER--19.06.2022 Bikaner: People perform Yoga during a mass Yoga session, ahead of the 8th International Yoga Day in Bikaner DINESH GUPTA BIKANER-09414253300

  • Bikaner Dark clouds loom over Bikaner.

  • Border Security Force personnel take part in a yoga session in Bikaner.

  • New Delhi India’s tallest rubbish mountain in New Delhi is on course to rise higher than the Taj Mahal in the next year, becoming a fetid symbol for what the UN considers the world’s most polluted capital.

  • Ascea is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of southwestern Italy. In the communal territory are the Greek ruins of Velia. It is part of the Cilento traditional area; the maritime touristic part of the municipality is the Marina di Ascea. The town is located on the beach and is popular with European tourists in the summer months.

  • A region covering Kottayam and Alappuzha districts, Kuttanad is renowned as the rice bowl of Kerala. As one cruises along, one will bear witness to not just fields of white and red water lilies but also the rare places in India wherein farming is done up to 10ft below sea level, the lowest altitude in the country.

  • An Indian couple takes selfie as they enjoying first rain of monsoon in Mussoorie. Tourists from across the country arrives here to celebrate weekend in summer season.

  • People bathe at Kempty waterfall to beat the heat during summer season in Mussoorie. Tourists from across the country arrives here to celebrate weekend.

  • Vehicles moving slowly in a traffic jam during the first rain of monsoon in Mussoorie. Tourists from across the country arrives here to celebrate weekend in summer season.

  • Kurseong is a picturesque beauty, a hill-town in West Bengal in the Eastern Himalayas. It is a town and a municipality in Darjeeling district, West Bengal. Kurseong is located at an altitude of 1,482.55 metres, and it's just 32 kilometres from Darjeeling. The town was originally called Karsan Rup meaning the “Land of white orchid”. It is the ideal place to spend stress-free days while being surrounded by Eastern Himalayas and peace. Hills and peaks like Mt Kanchenjunga, Dow Hill, St Mary’s Hill and others can be seen from there.

  • Marina di Casalvelino, also spelled Casalvelino Marina, is a southern Italian village and hamlet (frazione) of Casal Velino, a municipality in the province of Salerno, Campania. it is the most populated hamlet of its municipality. The village, located next to the ruins of the Ancient Greek city of Velia, grew in population and urban expansion in the last decade of the 20th century, thanks to the tourism in the Cilentan Coast. The port of Marina is served by the hydrofoil's line MM6W Naples-Sorrento-Marina di Camerota, part of a local passenger ferry network named Metrò del Mare.

  • People fill water containers with drinking water from a Municipal Water Tanker outside a slum cluster in New Delhi. The demand for drinking water has increased due to many heatwaves in Delhi.

  • Awareness street drama held to ban single-use plastic bag in outskirt of Kolkata. Plastic pollution in world rapidly destroying natural environment & making high impact on Climate.

  • Nepali people welcome monsoon season by planting rice seedlings at a paddy field in a village of Lalitpur, Nepal.

  • Passenger rest as they wait for train on a hot summer day at railway station in Beawar.

  • People perform Yoga during a mass Yoga session, ahead of the 8th International Yoga Day in Bikaner.

  • Tourists enjoying the summer at Maschsee Lake in Hannover.

  • Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs & Culture Arjun Ram Meghwal participated in Kalptaruh the free distribution of plants and tree plantation program organized by Brahma Kumaris as a part of Ajadi ka Amrit Mahotsav they will plant trees every day and will continue for 75 days and will end on 25 August at Brahma Kumaris ashram in Bikaner.

  • The vegan activists stand on ice blocks with ropes hanging around their neck to symbolize the catastrophic climate crisis and its devastating impact on humankind on the entire planet for awareness on the World Environment Day before the iconic Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata.

  • Kolkata observed Zero Shadow Moments at the Solar Noon (around 11:35 IST) or when the sun is exactly at the zenith position. It happens twice a year for locations between between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, respectively.

  • On the occasion of world environment day, members of Vegans of Bengal are standing on melting ice and putting a noose on their necks, for their demonstration theme " The Planet in a Noose" in Kolkata, India.

  • For Kolkata the first zero shadow day this year will be on June 5, 2022, and the zero shadow moment will be around 11:34 am. When there will be no shadow of sunlight at a particular time of the day. People and any object, all around the world, living between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (+23.5 and -23.5 degrees latitude) lose their shadows, though momentarily, twice a year. These two days are called zero shadow days.