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  • Students accompanied by members of the TNI study online at the 110th TNI Manunggal Build Village (TMMD) Post in Parepare City, South Sulawesi. In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Posko (TMMD) provides free wifi for students who are constrained by the cost of internet quota to study online.

  • Bangladesh celebrate the 50th years of the historical speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with the fireworks in Dhaka on March 07, 2021

  • No DAD (No Didattica a Distanza) protest in Naples, committees following the closure of schools in Campania decided by the Region until 14 March. Demonstration for the right to education one year after the closure of schools.

  • Supporters of Left Front and Congress party during a protest rally against the hike in fuel prices in Kolkata.

  • The councilor for public works Alessandra Clemente and the councilor at the Marco Gaudini road network, they will visit the Arco station Mirelli of Line 6 of the Metro and Piazza della Repubblica, whose completion and arrangement works are now almost completed. In particular in Piazza della Repubblica the works for the creation of the roundabout with the installation of the restored monument to the Scugnizzo Neapolitan, which celebrates and recalls the popular uprising of Naples in '43 against the Nazis, and is nearing completion redevelopment of flower beds and gardens.

  • Kan District is a historic district in Tehran Province, Iran. This district dates back to 2000 years ago. This district has historic baths, bridges and mosques.

  • Passing under Porta Govese or Torresotto dei Piella you reach the famous Finestrella on the Canale delle Moline and the bridge over the canal, both overlooking. This corner of the city is known as "little Venice". Looking out between the buildings, you can see one of the few stretches of water flowing that between the early twentieth century and the post-war period was not covered with asphalt. The Moline canal is the continuation of the Reno canal. For a good part of its itinerary, the Moline canal is enclosed between the houses, as you can see from the Finestrella, and for this reason it remained hidden from view for a long time in the past. The views of the bridges of via Oberdan and Via Malcontenti have recently been reopened,…

  • NAPLES - Mann Museum - Piazza Nazionale, 19 - from 9:30 am Restoration work begins on the famous Mosaic of the Battle of Issus, kept at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

  • Benidorm, a city full of tourists all year round, can now be seen with hardly any people and with all the bars and shops closed due to sanitary restrictions. During the perimetal closure you cannot enter or leave the city. The vast majority of hotels remain closed and sealed due to the lack of national and extra tourists

  • The town of Dervio and the village of Corenno Plinio, with castle and ancient church

  • Medieval Castle of Carimate

  • Italian firefighters in action in Piazza della Bocca Della Verità, near the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin to extinguish an early fire.

  • The nation pay tribute at the Martyr's Monument on the International Mother Language Day in Dhaka.The day is being observed around the world as UNESCO on November 17, 1999 recognised February 21 as the International Mother Language Day.

  • German archaeologist Gabriel Zuchtriegel, 39, the new director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park. PHOTO OF REPERTORY

  • General view of the Naples waterfront before the entry into force of restrictive measures for the prevention of COVID-19

  • Vaccination center for COVID-19 in Naples.

  • General students make "Alpana", a popular folk art form, on the premises of Shaheed Minar to commemorate International Mother Language Day. International Mother Language Day has been observed annually since 2000 to promote peace and multilingualism around the world and to protect all mother languages. It is observed on February 21 to recognize the 1952 Bengali Language Movement.

  • The Sriwijaya Agung Temple building is divided into three areas (tri mandala). This division is based on the teaching that Bhuwana Agung (macrocosm) is divided into Tri Loka namely Bhuh Loka, Bhwah Loka, Swah Loka with different functions. Pura Agung Sriwijaya is located on Seduduk Putih Street, 8 Ilir Village, Ilir Timur II (Kenten) District, Palembang City.

  • Workers clean the premises of Shaheed Minar for the upcoming International Mother Language Day which is annually observed on the 21st February. International Mother Language Day was proclaimed by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1999 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

  • The statue of Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno, martyr of free thought, burned at the stake in Campo dè Fiori in Rome on February 17, 1600, seen at sunset with some special effects of light and shadow

  • A procession has been organized to save the Jalangi river, an initiative of the students of the Tehatta region with the support of "Jalangi Nodi bachao committee" (Save the Jalangi River) at Tehatta, West Bengal; India on 17/02/2020. There they performed self-composed river awareness-based dance, songs, recitations, plays and at the end lighting earthen lamps. Once Jalangi was a full-flowing river but now the river is full of sediments and has lost its depth. The river is breaking its side portions every day. The intense pressure of growing populations, industrialization, unrestricted excavation and unplanned development is seriously showing in terms of both quality and quantity of water the rivers provide. Jalangi River…

  • Most of the country has been dressed in "white" due to the bad weather "Medea". Attica region in the last hours is facing heavy snowfall that has caused many serious problems mainly in the electricity network and transportation .

  • A strange phenomenon for Naples and the Neapolitans: snow falls on the streets of the city.

  • The Lais River Pier is used by the surrounding community as the economic wheel of a number of sectors, not only that other people also come to Lais River Pier to fish, some also invite family and friends to just relax for a moment. In the afternoon, the children around the pier start to play football by using the parking lot as a place for them to play. The Lais River Pier is located on the banks of the Musi River, not far from the Satpol Airud Polda South Sumatra.

  • Polish women protest in Berlin, Solidemo.

  • In joint statements with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein, Dendias said that "Greece aims to promote peace and prosperity" and in this context organized the Friendship Forum with participation of seven countries. He reiterated that the Friendship Forum is not an alliance against anyone, but "an effort of multilateral cooperation, open to all countries that respect international law, support the consolidation of stability in the region." As Mr. Dendias mentioned, Greece and Iraq have a lot in common. "They are both the cradles of ancient civilizations. "The historical presence of Alexander the Great alone is a unifying force," he noted. The two countries "are firmly…

  • With the participation of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and France, the first meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Friendship Forum ("Philia Forum"), organized by our country, will be held today in Athens. The Forum, which will start with a greeting from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and is organized in the context of promoting and consolidating the multilateral bonds of friendship and cooperation between partner countries in the wider Mediterranean-Gulf region, will examine highlighting the importance of convening the first meeting of the Forum, with the participation of at least four Arab states and two Member States of the European Union, a diploma of consensus, including efforts to…

  • In conjunction with the Day of Remembrance established by law 30 March 2004 n. 92, at 17.30 at Piazza Vittorio Veneto in front of the station of Salerno there was a moment of meditation and prayer in memory of the martyrs of the foibe and the exiles of Rijeka, Istrian and Dalmatian organized by the Committee 10 February together with the realities militant and associative provincial, including Identity of People and Salerno Identitaria. It paid tribute to the thousands of victims and the 350,000 exiles who suffered the effects of the ethnic cleansing of the communist partisans led by Marshal Tito in areas historically inhabited by the majority of Italian language and traditions. During the event was laid a wreath of flowers in memory of one…

  • Inauguration of the Votive Chapel for Maradona in the Quartieri Spagnoli, at the base of the mural dedicated to him in the 1980s. To remove the veil is his son Diego jr, moved and excited by the initiative.

  • Celebration of Father of the Nation in Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's historic speech delivered at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata on February 6, 1972, in Kolkata February 6, 2021.

  • Commemoration of fifty years of the historical public meeting by Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, India and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister, Bangladesh, at Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata that was held on 6th February, 1972, after independence of Bangladesh and also the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

  • Workers are making copper and silver jewelry during the Covid-19 outbreak at Bhakurta village in Savar near to the capital. There are more than 2400 families involved in this trade and 500 shops in total.

  • Croce Rossa Italiana in Napoli gives free swab tests to homeless and people who cannot afford them, twice a week, in Piazza Mercato.

  • From today 4 February 2021, in correspondence with the reopening of the "Mercati di Traiano - Museo dei Fori Imperiali" museum, until 4 May 2021 the exhibition "Napoleon and the myth of Rome" is open to the public. Conceived on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, the exhibition celebrates him by retracing the relationship between the French emperor, the ancient world and Rome

  • View of the Colosseum in the absence of tourists, due to the health emergency by Covid-19 The tourism sector is suffering from the economic crisis due to the pandemic in Rome.

  • Farmers from Haryana and Punjab arrive at Tikri border to support the ongoing Farmers protest for the last 2 months against new agriculture law introduce by Central Government of India at Tikri Border in Delhi.

  • On the school day of Peace and Nonviolence, around a stream of Sahrawis have demonstrated at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, to claim the violation of human rights suffered by all Sahrawi children. They have also shouted proclamations in defense of the Saharawi people, in support of the Polisario Front and against Morocco.

  • Delhi police, Uttar Pradesh police and RAF(Rapid Action Force) deployed at Delhi Gazipur border the place the farmers protesting against three agriculture law introduced by central government, at Gazipur Border in Delhi.

  • Farmers come from several villages of Uttar Pradesh in Gazipur Border to protesting against three agriculture law introduced by the central government at Delhi Borders in New Delhi, India.

  • Due to the coronavirus, the number of people in a famous Village fair called Chinnomostar Mela Is very low compared to other years. This photo was taken at Tehatta, Nadia, West Bengal.

  • On the occasion of the Holocaust Victims Remembrance Day, Opera Nomadi organized a commemoration in Via degli Zingari in Rome to commemorate the forgotten victims of the Holocaust: the extermination of the Porrajmos Rom-Sinti population and the extermination of homosexuals and people disabled

  • Farmers during 26 January Kissan Gantantra Diwas parade from Singhu Border to Lal Kila (Red Fort) in old Delhi on 26 January Indian Republic Day.

  • Farmers during Kissan Gantantra Diwas parade from Singhu Border to Lal Kila (Red Fort) in old Delhi during Indian Republic Day.

  • Delhi Police personnel firing tera gas on Farmers during farmers rally Singhu Border to Red Fort in Old Delhi on 26 January Indian Republic Day.

  • New Delhi 26 January 2021 : Farmers trying to install their flag at ramparts of Red Fort in Old Delhi during 26 January Republic Day of India. This is first time when another flag not Indian national flag hoist at Red Fort in history after india get independence. 26 January 2021

  • 72nd Republic Day celebrated in Kashmir on Tuesday amid tight security, the main event in the valley held at Sher-e-Kashmir Cricket Stadium in Srinagar.

  • Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has met with Minister of Defense of France Florence Parly, after the the signing of the agreement for the acquisition of the 18 Rafale that will be the new Squadron of the Hellenic Air Force. Minister of Defense of Greece Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, has also attended the meeting.

  • Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee inaugurates the program of Netaji's 125th birth anniversary celebration in Kolkata on 23rd January. Thousands of people join the rally to celebrate the Day. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was born on January 23, 1897, in Cuttack. He is known among the most revered freedom fighters of India.

  • The flagship of the Indonesian state, KRI (Republic of Indonesia Warship), Dewaruci leaned at the Kolinlamil (Military Marine Command) Pier, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Friday (22/1/2021). KRI Dewaruci arrived at this wharf after sailing from its headquarters at the Koarmada II Surabaya Support Ship Unit (Satban). The arrival of the legendary ship belonging to the Indonesian Navy, which has gone global in order to support the commemoration of Dharma Samudera. KRI Dewaruci has helped promote Indonesian tourism in the eyes of the international community. After this event, KRI Dewaruci will be held in Surabaya, East Java.

  • Students protest against the new bill of education, which is going to be voted by Hellenic Parliament, at the end of the month.Students claim that the new bill is going to: "shrink public education. It throws thousands out of the schools with the base 10, the theme bank and the minimum admission base that each school can choose for itself, establishes university police, goes ahead with the plan for face control, imposes disciplinary sanctions on anyone who resists". We had two rallies against the bill. The first one was organised by PAME (All Workers Fighting Front) and the second, with "pan-educational character" by other students associations.