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  • A Blood Donation Camp by Kolkata Rista. A transgender based Community NGO. Minister Sadahan Pande addressed to the public about the positive side of blood donation. Mrs. Giri, the head of the organization was present.

  • Demonstration in Montecitorio Square of the Ethiopian community in Italy, to raise awareness of public opinion and the Italian Government on the dramatic events of the situation in the region of Tigray.

  • Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje being administered the COVID-19 vaccine, during a countrywide inoculation drive, at SMS Hospital in Jaipur. The second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination drive started for people 60 years of age and above.

  • 4 Central American minors crossed the border delimited in Mexico by the Rio Bravo, there is an increase in unaccompanied minors since the beginning of the year due to the new United States policies imposed by President Biden

  • Anti-Digital Security Act procession towards the Prime Minister's Office. Protesters demanded justice for author Mustaq Ahmed's death in custody and demanded the repeal of the Digital Security Act within independent days.

  • Senior citizens being administered COVID-19 vaccine during a countrywide inoculation drive at Government hospital in Beawar. The second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive started for people 60 years of age and above. 70 years old Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also received his first dose of Corona vaccine at AIIMS in New Delhi on Monday.

  • Protesters attempted to block the Ministry of the home affiance, following the death of a Bangladeshi writer Mushtaq Ahmed in prison, who was arrested under the digital security act.

  • Student Union protest against Digital Security Act after writer Mushtaq Ahmed death in the custody of the police. The protesters demand to abolish Digital Security Act in front of the Ministry of Home Affair in Dhaka.

  • The Communist Party Of India(Marxist) along with its other left wing tributaries and student unions called for this ‘Peoples Brigade’. Unlike previous years this time the left party held the hands of Indian National Congress(INC) and Indian Secular Front(ISF). The alliance with the newly emerging power of ISF led by Abbas Siddiqui,a prominent muslim face from the Furfura Sharif shrine,is quite notable and somewhat controversial for this brigade. Though it attracted a mass no of minority Muslims of Bengal towards the Brigade Parade Ground, the opposition didn’t miss the chance to target the CPI(M) for its deviation from ‘left ideology’. The brigade platform questioned both the state and central government of their corruption, bribery, abduction,…

  • Activists march and slogans during a human chain procession, following the death of the writer Mushtaq Ahmed in jail months after his arrest under the Digital security act in Dhaka Bangladesh, on February 27, 2021.

  • Protesters attend in a procession following the death of writer Mushtaq Ahmed in jail. During the procession Police baton-charge the protesters several protester was injured. Mushtaq Ahmed was arrested under the digital security act in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 26, 2021.

  • Writer Mostak Ahmed died yesterday in the central jail, he was arrested in Digital Security Act. He did not get released several time after trying. In that context, the student union and general student held a protest in he face of that period. The main demand for the protester is to remove " The Digital Security Act" they also ask for answer to the government why writer die in the jail. About 10-12 wounded in the movement in Dhaka.

  • Two cops died after a mis-encounter 'buy-bust operation' where Philippine National Police (PNP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) agents shoot each other

  • Under-Secretary-General for peacekeeping operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix seen after press briefing at UN Headquarters. He discussed peacekeeping operations in Mali, Central African Republic as well as other peacekeeping affairs. He also addressed attack against two vehicles of the United Nations World Food Programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that resulted in killing of 3 people including Ambassador of Italy to DRC.

  • Thailand : A pro-democracy protester organizes an "out-of-trust debate" event after a vote is made on the distrust debate. Gen. Prayut Prime Minister and 9 others in the cabinet At the front of the Parliament Kiakkai, Bangkok on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

  • Thai police use containers And razor barbed wire fences arranged in a row to block Not allowing anti-government protesters to pass through the Sanam Luang area Before the Grand Palace, in Bangkok.

  • Petrol and Diesel prices hiked for the eleventh consecutive day in India. Petrol crossed rupees 100-mark per litre and diesel at rupees 89 on Friday.

  • Protest in Piazza Duomo in Milan: "Reopen legal game, we want to work". In the square to ask for the reopening of activities related to gambling in the yellow zone. The protest of the workers of the sector who want to return to work in the regions that fall within the yellow zone was held in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

  • An encounter broke out between millitants and forces in Beerwah area of Budgam district. According to the police, one policemen was killed and another get injured and millitants managed to flee after brief exchange of fire.

  • Indian armed forces patrols near the incident spot where two policemen killed in an attack by unknown gunman in the Baghat area of Srinagar on Friday, February 19, 2021. This is the second attack in the city in the past three days. These attacks in the city surged in the light of a 24-member delegation of envoys from various countries visited Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday for assessing the ground situation in the union territory.

  • A Foriegn delegation comprising of more than 20 members visited to the Kashmir valley. Members from the different parts of the world were the part of this delegation,They were from Brazil, Cuba, Astonia, Finland, Tajikistan, France, Ireland, Netherland, Portugal, Bangladesh, Malawi, Eritria, Ghana, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia, Bolivia, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal and European Union. They visited Magam area of Budgam district and Harzratbal shrine. During the visit of foriegn delegation members complete shutdown we're seen in whole Srinagar all the shops and business establishments remain closed.

  • Hundreds of people have demonstrated at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, summoned by the Madrid anti-repression movement to protest against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, sentenced to 9 months in prison for apology to terrorism and insults to the crown. The demonstration ended with serious disturbances in the center of Madrid. There are several detainees.

  • A medic administers the first dose of Covishield vaccine on a teacher during the countrywide inoculation drive, at a government school in Bundi.

  • Public anger growing across the country against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India. Many people lost their incomes almost after COVID-19 lockdown and government increase price of petrol, diesel and gas cylinder everyday. Now anger is starting to surface in key states at a leader who won his second term in office with a sweeping majority. Today, Congress party activists demonstrate with a bike on bullock cart on road during a protest against Modi government after hike in fuel prices, in Beawar, Rajasthan, India on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Protesters chanting slogans against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling BJP party. Youth Congress president Bhupendra Panwar wearing facemask of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents…

  • Kashmiri Pandits offer special Puja at Historic Shital Nath Temple after 31 years on the occasion of Basant Panchami in the heritage city of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Congress party activists demonstrate with gas cylinder during protest against Modi government after hike in fuel & LPG prices, in Beawar. Protesters chanting slogans against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling BJP party. Prices of LPG gas cylinders increased from today. The price of a 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder increased by 50 rupees. After the price increase, the new price of a 14.2 kg cylinder is now Rupees 769 per cylinder. The increase in the price of LPG has come at a time when the prices of petrol and diesel in India are at an all-time high. The price of Petrol has reached beyond Rupees 100 per liter in many cities of the country.

  • The Team for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling of the Pinrang Regency, sprayed disinfectants in the detention room and the Head of the Pinrang Police, South Sulawesi.

  • Anti-government protesters organized "1 million to a million to restore power to the people" at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok calling for the release of their members. In prison and the amending of the lese majeste law, Article 112 on Saturday February 13, 2021.

  • A group of student activists staged a protest in front of the National Shaheed Minar in Bangladesh against the Digital Security Act. During the protests, they staged street plays and asked everyone to speak out against injustice and take a stand.

  • CPIM and Congress party member's are calling half day All Bengal strike and protesting on railway track, block the railway service for protesting against police beating DYFI and others students party members yesterday in Kolkata.

  • Police officers fired tear gas, water canons and lathi charged against the activists of left wing, marching towards ‘Nabanna’ in protest. Demanding Youth Employment,Education Rights,Rejecting unfair policies of the present state and central government.10 left supporting youth and students union including SFI(Student’s Federation of India) and DYFI(Democratic Youth Federation of India) called for this march. More than 50 of the protesters were injured severely with legs being broken and injuries on the head were taken to the nearby hospital as reported. In turn a clash between the police officials and protesters broke out which created a menace situation.

  • Protesters with Tigray flags and posters staged rally on Dag Hammarskjold Plaza demanding end of Ethiopia offence on civilians. Conflict between Tigray Regional Government and Ethiopian Government started in 2019 and escalated into an open war on November 4, 2020. More than 2.3 million children are cut off from desperately needed aid and humanitarian assistance. Ethiopian Government is getting military help from Eritrea, United Arab Emirates and Somalia. The fighting has killed thousands and created a refugee crisis. More than 400 people attended the rally. Many protesters were wearing jackets, hat and facial masks in colors of Tigray flag.

  • Student activist demonstrates a protest against rape, sexual assault, murder in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the protest activist demand justice and call for a stand against these injustices.

  • Clashes broke out between members of SFI and Left parties and Kolkata Police as the protesters took out a rally to march to Nabanna, CM Mamata Banerjee’s office on Thursday. Water cannons were used against the protesters and the police deployed at Dorina Crossing at Esplanade in central Kolkata resorted to baton charge to disperse the crowd.

  • Anti-government mobs hitting objects loudly protest the government administration at Pathumwan Skywalk to repeal Law Section 112 and release their arrested members.

  • Myanmar people living in Thailand protest against the Burmese military coup today at Pathumwan Intersection.

  • A shutdown was observed in parts of Kashmir valley in view of the eight death anniversary of Afzal Guru. Afzal, the December 2001 Parliament attack convict, was secretly hanged in India's Tihar Jail eight years ago on February 9, 2013.

  • Myanmar protesters Living in Thailand Rally in front of the United Nations in Bangkok To show resistance Coup Of the soldiers in Myanmar.

  • People are taking their lunch inside at Hospital in Kolkata.

  • Students are gathered to protest against the rape and murder of Aruna Amin in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Also, they protest and speak about the recent rape and murder of a homeless street girl named Mim at the Dhaka Shahid Minar.

  • Congress Party members are protesting and burning effigy of Narendra Modi against central government's recent agricultural reforms in Kolkata.

  • Congress party activists wearing facemask of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah demonstrate with a gas cylinder during a protest against hike in fuel prices, in Beawar. Petrol, diesel prices hiked by 30 paise for second consecutive day in India. Price of domestic gas cylinder has increased by Rupees 25.

  • Adviser to chief minister Mr. Abdul Khaliq hazara giving shield of best performance to Secretary for Sports and youth affair Mr. Imran Gichki during ceremony of Kashmir Solidarity day. Organized by Sports and Youth affair department govt of Balochistan

  • Congress leader Sachin Pilot addresses during Kisan Mahapanchayat (Farmers Rally) to demand rollback of the Centre’s agriculture sector laws in Dausa. Pilot said he condemned the incident at Red Fort but the government was using this as an excuse to file criminal cases against farmers. Opposition parties of India will continue to support the farmers' agitation against the three farm laws.

  • Congress workers polishes shoes and sold fishes during a protest against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government over alleged unemployment after union budget 2021, in Beawar. Youth activists also beat their chest with raise slogans against BJP and PM Modi. Congress said, Budget is a betrayal of people and it will benefit only rich. Instead of putting cash in hands of poor, government is handing over country's assets to capitalists. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday presented first-ever digital Union Budget.

  • Myanmar People Living in Thailand and pro-democracy, Protest Military coup of the Myanmar Army In front of the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Bangkok, there was an activity to turn on a flashlight from a mobile phone. Holds a picture of Mrs.Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of the NLD party and and burns pictures Min Aung Hlaing, Supreme Commander of the military leaders who started the coup, Symbolic expression Light Up Myanmar.

  • A barbed wire fence set up at Gjazipur border for cut off farmers protesting near Delhi.

  • On the school day of Peace and Nonviolence, around a stream of Sahrawis have demonstrated at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, to claim the violation of human rights suffered by all Sahrawi children. They have also shouted proclamations in defense of the Saharawi people, in support of the Polisario Front and against Morocco.

  • Iron razor wire used for security fencing installed at the Gazipur Border where the farmers protesting against three agriculture law introduced by the central government, at Gazipur Border in Delhi on Friday, January 29, 2021.

  • Congress workers make a human chain and burnt effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a protest against PM Modi's central government's anti-farmers measures and riots, in Beawar. Farmers have been protesting at Delhi borders with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh since November last year to demand the scrapping of farm laws saying they will hurt their livelihoods.