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  • A group of non-local workers from Rajasthan busy in making brooms to earn for their living. Pertinently, hundreds of non-local workers arrive in Kashmir every year during summer to earn living. These workers live in slum like dwellings on the outskirts of Anantnag district some 60 kilometers from Indian occupied Kashmir. To earn a living by selling brooms is a natural choice for these people to do. Usually their entire family (including children) is into this business and this is the only way to feed their belly.

  • Viscri's population is of Roma majority, with a few Romanians, and about 20 Germans. It lies northwest of Rupea and can be reached through Dacia on a 7 km unpaved road. The village is best known for the highly fortified Viscri fortified church, originally built around 1100. It is part of the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, designated in 1993 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The first documentation of Viscri is a record of church taxes dated around 1400, in which the village is referred to as being part of the Rupea parish. Its inhabitants consisted of 51 farmers, 1 school master, 3 shepherds and 2 paupers.

  • Sighișoara is a city on the Târnava Mare River in Mureș County, Romania and it is located in the historic region of Transylvania.

  • Sibiu is a city in Transylvania, Romania. The city straddles the Cibin River, a tributary of the river Olt. Now the capital of Sibiu County, between 1692 and 1791 and 1849–65 Sibiu was the capital of the Principality of Transylvania, until 1920 it belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary. Sibiu is one of the most important cultural centres of Romania and was designated the European Capital of Culture for the year 2007. Formerly the centre of the Transylvanian Saxons, the old city of Sibiu was ranked as "Europe's 8th-most idyllic place to live" by Forbes in 2008.

  • Făgăraș is a city in central Romania, located in Brașov County. It lies on the Olt River and it is situated in the historical region of Transylvania.

  • Cârţa Monastery is a former Cistercian (Benedictine) monastery in the Ţara Făgăraşului region in southern Transylvania in Romania, currently a Lutheran Evangelical church belonging to the local Saxon community. It lies on the left bank of the Olt River, between the cities of Sibiu and Făgăraş, close to the villages of Cârţa (German Kerz, Hungarian: Kerc) and Cârțișoara (German: Kleinkerz). The monastery was probably founded in 1202-1206 by monks from Igriș abbey (daughter house of Pontigny abbey), and was disbanded in 1494, when the apostolic legate Ursus of Ursinis ratified Cârţa Abbey’s attachment to the Provostship nullius of Sibiu. The Cistercian monastery introduced and helped develop French Gothic art in the region.

  • Brașov is a city in Romania and the administrative centre of Brașov County. The city was described in 1235 AD under the name Corona, a Latin word meaning "crown", a name given by the German colonists. According to D. Moldovanu, the name of Braşov came from the name of local river named Bârsa (pronounced and Bărsa). Bărsa was adopted by Slavs and transformed in Barsa and later in Barsov and finally in Brasov

  • The Bran Castle (Romanian: Castelul Bran) situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Commonly known as "Dracula's Castle" (although it is one among several locations linked to the Dracula legend, including Poenari Castle and Hunyad Castle), it is often erroneously referred to as the home of the title character in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

  • Curug Parigi, Bantargebang, Bekasi, West Java

  • Daily life in the Spanish village of Viana de Duero, province of Soria, north of Spain. It is Europe’s largest desert in terms of population with just 1.8 inhabitants per sq km, by three in Siberia.

  • Springtime in the village de Almazán, in the north of Spain.

  • The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on an extremely rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

  • Anafiotika is a scenic tiny neighborhood of Athens, part of the old historical neighborhood called Plaka. It lies in northern east side of the Acropolis hill. The first houses were built in the era of Otto of Greece, when workers from the island of Anafi came to Athens in order to work as construction workers in the refurbishment of King Othon's Palace.[1] The first two inhabitants were listed as G. Damigos, carpenter, and M. Sigalas, construction worker. Soon, workers from other Cycladic islands also started to arrive there, to work as carpenters or even stone and marble workers, in a further building reconstruction period in Athens, but also in the following era after the end of the reign of King Otto.

  • Tonight at Mother museum was presented the book Redemption (Iemme editions, 2016) of the Brazilian photographer Salvino Campos. They will discuss with the artist and the critic Mario Franco Angela Tecce, director of the Royal Site of Carditello Foundation, introduced by the Director of MADRE Andrea Viliani museum.

  • The final night of the 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is between Australia and Philippines. Thousands of spectators were amazed on the stunning fireworks in-tune of lively music. The Philippines' show it's prowess in fireworks display as closing finale of the annual event held at Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

  • Kashmiri farmers sprays pesticides on apple trees in an apple orchard on the outskirts of Anantnag district some 70 kilometers from summer capital of Indian occupied Kashmir.Spring is a busy season in the apple orchard.it is a good idea to perform an additional dormant oil spray the apple tree with fixed copper to control fire blight.Fixed copper spray also controls brown rot and should be applied from mid-February to the end of March.Spring is also the time to control apple scab and powdery mildew.For this, you'll use a fungicide spray and apply it several times.When the swelling buds take on a pale green coloring and again when the flower buds turn pink,just before they open. Reapply the fungicide spray every 10 days until spring rains…

  • Fallas are gigantic structures made of cardboard portraying current events and in which individual figures or Ninots are placed. Fallas will be burned in the streets of Valencia on March 19, 2017 as a tribute to Saint Joseph, the saint patron of the carpenters' guild.

  • Australia and Philippines show their entry with the creativity of light (fireworks) with the musical scoring show during the last day of “The 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition” at the seaside of Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasay City on March 18, 2017. The competition was done for 6 consecutive Saturday since February 11, 2017, to March 18, 2017.

  • Japan Hanami season around Kyoto's district and in Arashiyama.

  • Some pictures of Hanami season along Hiroshima and Miyajima Island on March 2016 in Japan.

  • This afternoon in Naples the leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini, was in Naples for a rally community centers organized a demonstration order not to make the political anti south. at the end of the social center were infiltrated a hundred Black Block who started throwing Molotov cocktails paper bombs at the police, so there was the need to load the protesters who have done damage to hundreds of thousands of euro.

  • United Kingdom show their entry with the creativity of light (fireworks) and music show during “The 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition” at the seaside of Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasay City on March 11, 2017. On March 18, 2017 (Saturday) the last day of the competition and it will be performed between Australia and Philippines.

  • Girls and woman from different participate at Dhaka Woman’s Marathon marking international Woman’s Day with the theme “safer Dhaka for Woman” at Hatirjheel.

  • An Italian Warship, ITS Carabiniere F593, docked at the Jakarta International Container Terminal pier in the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. The visit this Italian frigates, as an effort to strengthen the relationship between Italy and the Indonesian navy. During her visit, which was planned for 4 days in Indonesia (March 9 to 13), ITS Carabiniere also opens the opportunity for the public to tour around the ship. ITS Carabiniere is an anti-submarine warship that has been delivered to the Italian Navy in April 2015, as the fourth FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigate) of ten to be commissioned. Fitted with a latest generation platform and combat system based on state-of-the-art military and civil standard, ITS Carabiniere become a new generation…

  • The heavy snowfall at Jawahar Tunnel/ Patnitop areas during the day and continuous rainfall at various places of National Highway gave tough time to the concerned agencies in carrying out the restoration work at full-scale as a result of which the road at Battery Cheshma, Anookhi Fall, Panthyal and Digdol areas could not be made traffic worthy despite hectic efforts. Due to blockade of road at the above locations, traffic movement on NHW remained suspended today on 10.03.2017 as well. Though the concerned agencies are working overnight and making all out efforts in clearing-off the road, yet keeping in view the weather vagaries and present condition of the road any decision regarding allowing the movement of traffic or otherwise on NHW…

  • Indonesia search and rescue, watersports enthusiasts, and stake holder of tourism made some good movement with a workshop “ kayaking rescue technic” including to take some potencial rescuer, to event the event“International Toba Kayak Marathon 2017”, at 25th to 27th July 2017. Carrying the tagline: “Kayaking on the Top of a Super Volcano”, the event will be centered around the Balige-Marom-Situmurun area, performing internasional kayaker such a Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and philipines, and European kayakers.

  • The tourist sites of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and nearby temples.

  • Fuji cameras and accessories on display during Japan week at Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal.

  • People motivated their livelihood by doing an agricultural and commerce between the boundaries line.

  • Wild Weather Continues in Sydney

  • Mathura Holi is famous for celebrating in different ways. Marking the first day of week long Holi, Laddu Holi is celebrated one day before at Ladli ji temple with tossing laddus (sweets) and smearing each other with gulaal(Coloured powder) with full passion . This day apostal from Barsana village goes to Nandgaon village to invite people for Latthmar in Barsana village . Paandas from Nandgaon come take blessings of Ladli ji and invite Barsana village to play Latthmar holi in Nandgaon village. First Laddus are offered to the Radha rani then tossed among devotees . Tons of Laddus are tossed in the air to make assure everyone gets sacrament .

  • Barcelona celebrated the International Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally. Born in 1959, it features only those privately owned vehicles manufactured prior to 1924. Approximately 70 vintage cars raced along the 45 kilometers seaside road between the Sant Jaume square in Barcelona and ’Aiguadolc' port in the town of Sitges.

  • A pizza margherita DOP San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella dop, oil and basil, Basil

  • Barcelona celebrated the 'Sant Medir' festival in the streets and squares of the charming district of Gràcia. This festival of sweets and horse carriages is, according to tradition, originates from the Saint who lived in the year 303 in Barcelona under the Roman rule of Diocletian, who intensely persecuted Christians, is today, a popular tradition with the participation of many groups of “colles” from the districts of Gràcia, Sarrià and Sants.

  • Different species of fresh flowers covered the float that joined in the Float Parade as part of the celebration of “Panagbenga Festival 2017” in Baguio City. Pangabenga Festival is the Rose Parade version in the Philippines and all the float was covered with fresh flowers.

  • The carnival in Scampia in the outskirts of Naples

  • It was held on the streets of Scampia, the famous district of the province of Naples, the thirty-five edition of the civil carnival with floats, masks, musicians and associations in Scampia, Naples. Scampia's Carnival organized by GRIDAS association.

  • The first day of the Great British Festival ribbon cutting ceremony with the local celebrities. The festival is design to introduce tourism and strong relation between UK and Philippines through education, trade, industry and entertainment that can be found in different exhibits of the festival.

  • Apple trees are great because they are so versatile. Kashmiri labors pruning apple trees at Kehribal village of Anantnag district. The best time to prune apple trees is in late winter or very early spring before any new growth starts. The only growth you ever want to prune or remove during the summer months.

  • Elephant festival in Xayaboury province. Originally created by ElefantAsia in 2007, the 3-day elephant festival takes place during 17-19 February this year with over 300,000 local and international people coming together to experience the grand procession of decorated elephants.

  • Budapest is the capital and most populous city of Hungary, one of the largest cities in the European Union and sometimes described as the primate city of Hungary.

  • Winters are always harsh in the snowbound region of Kashmir. But they have a unique way to keep themselves warmth when the temperature dips below negative 10 degrees. Even in some areas of Drass, the temperature falls even negative 40 degrees. Kashmiri make charcoal by burning down fallen leaves and twigs of trees. The Charcoal was used in Kashmiri fire pots (Kangri) during winters.

  • Snow covered road after heavy snowfall on January 16, 2017 in Pahalgam area of anantnag district som 90 kms from summer capital of Indian Administrated Kashmir.

  • A day before Valentines Day workers of Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) protest in Mendiola Manila City to seek presidential intervention to their 5-year old dispute with the Philippine Airlines on the issue of contractualization on February 13, 2017.

  • Thai People pray while walking around the temple during the annual Makha Bucha Day at Wat Rajabopit and in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Perteguhen village, at the end of the rainy season amazing sunset appears around Sinabung sky this afternoon.

  • The STS Sedov is a 4-masted steel barque that for almost 80 years was the largest traditional sailing ship in operation. It is now a sail training vessel, training cadets from the universities of Murmansk, Saint Petersburg, and Arkhangelsk.

  • A group of boys and girls throw from Ponte Sisto some paper lanterns in the sky of Rome and some lanterns fall into the Tiber.

  • Hindus gathered at Batu Caves just outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to celebrate Thaipusam on February 9, 2017. Thaipusam is a celebration dedicated to the Hindu Lord Murugan. The celebration takes place on a grand scale each year with over a million Hindus participating.

  • February is declared as the National Art Month. Its the first week of the month and on the first day of the week, Sunday, the National Commission on Culture and Arts set up booths, exhibits and performances in Rizal (Luneta) Park. Workshops and lessons are all free. In the evening performances of different dance, from traditional to modern, singing and speech will be viewed by everyone for free.

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