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  • Artist from Kerala perform Kerala’s traditional music and dance during a Kerala Tourism Partnership Meet 2019 programme.

  • Bodybuilders pose during the Qualify round of International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Professional League competition in Kathmandu. Nepal host the first ever Pro Qualifier tournament of IFBB Professional League. About 20 body builders from India, Qatar, Iran, Syria,Saudia Arabia,UAE and Nepal participate in the various events in tournament.

  • The Jade Emperor birthday falls on the 9th Day of Chinese New Year. Before proceeding to the clan jetties of Penang for a big celebration, there is usually a procession held.

  • Hundreds of vehicles remain stranded near avalanche site at Jawahar tunnel, Qazigund almost 68 miles from main city Srinagar, Indian Administered Kashmir. After heavy snowfall started on 6th of February an avalanche hit a police post on Srinagar-Jammu highway killing 8 policemen on duty at the post. However after rescue operations 3 policemen were rescued from the snow and were taken to the hospital. More than 1000 vehicles have been stranded as the main highway remains cut off due to the avalanche. In a separate accident, nine houses and a school building were hit by avalanches in two villages of Ramban in Jammu District but no loss of life was reported. The affected persons were rescued and shifted to safe places.

  • Solar Halo can be seen around the sun in Srinagar, Indian Administered Kashmir on 09 February 2019. Solar Halo phenomenon is caused by light passing through the ice crystals in the air.

  • The Verona Arena ( Italian: Arena di Verona) a Roman amphitheater in Piazza Bra in Verona, Italy built in the first century. It is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there and more exclusive concerts. It is one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind. In ancient times, nearly 30,000 people was the housing capacity of the Arena. Nowadays, for security reasons, the maximum attendance is 15,000 people.

  • MBLT-6 intensifies the collaboration and cooperation with the stakeholders in securing and advancing peace and development in Tawi-tawi. Ltc. John Manuel A Cortez emphasized the importance of Bayanihan or the need to work together to achieve a common purpose. The unexpected warm welcome of the local leaders and civilian partners of this two municipalities is very much overwhelming. LtCol John Manuel A Cortez and his staff visits Mapun and Tutle Islands, Tawi-tawi on February 1 to 3, 2019. MBLT-6 are not just our everyday heroes who maintain the peace and security we all enjoy but also our dearest friends who are impressively active in developing and building communities for a better country.

  • Kashmir: Incessant snowfall cripples normal life, impacts traffic, flights. Normal life has been heavily affected by incessant snowfall in Kashmir. It is the heaviest snowfall seen in many years. Since it has been snowing in the valley for last two days continuously. Due to the snowfall the normal life was thrown out of gear in Kashmir. The Jammu-Srinagar highway was blocked for traffic while most roads even in cities like Srinagar were choked.

  • Annually organised in Chinatown aka Binondo, Manila, Filipino-Chinese people gather in this town to perform the dragon dance, prepare money on red envelope, display fruits on the table to invite good luck for the coming year.

  • A street artist performed with their Dragon and Lion on the street of Ongpin in celebration of Chinese News Year at Binondo, Manila City on February 5, 2019. This year is year of the pig base on the Chinese calendar.

  • Sunrise on Chinese Lunar New Year in Tawi-Tawi.

  • Indonesian ethnic Chinese pray during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations at Dharma Bhakti Temple, Jakarta, Indonesia. Chinese around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year on 5 February 2019, the first day of the year of pig.

  • Indonesian Chinese pray as they welcoming the Chinese New Year eve at Ho Tek Bio Temple. Chinese around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year on 5 February 2019, the first day of the year of pig Year.

  • Skiers ski in the foot hills of Gulmarg hill station of Baramulla District some 55 kilometers away from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir on 03 February 2019. Gulmarg is regarded as one of the best ski destinations across the world and its situated in the foot hills of Himalayan range at 9000 feet above sea level.

  • After the heavy rains of yesterday the river Tiber has invaded the docks inside the city, forcing the municipality to close the access

  • The Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City is among the country's biggest and popular religious festivals honoring Sto. Niño (Holy Child Jesus). Previously known as “Iloilo Ati-Atihan,” the festival began in 1967.

  • Carnivals celebrated in a small town of Navarra, located to the north. The joaldunaks are ancestral characters whose attire is a dress with sheepskins, cowbells tied to their waists, ttuntturos (small conical hats made of grid, vulture feathers, and colored bows) where they sound their cowbells to help the evil spirits of the winter. Their sound echoes throughout the valley, accompanied by a bear dressed in sheepskins controlled by his tamer.

  • The view of Marietta city in Georgia state this Friday evening.

  • Seen a brown parrot [Chalcopsitta duivenbodei] perched in a mini zoo quarantine cage Madiun Umbul Square Tourism Park.

  • Thaipusam is an annual celebration to celebrate Tamil Hindu God, Lord Muruga in successfully defeating the evil spirits. Thousands of Tamil Hindu devotees make their pilgrimage by walking barefooted, carrying Kavadi and milk on their head as part of their vows to Lord Muruga.

  • Locals, especially children, spend their afternoon on the seaside either playing or fishing -or both. It was low tide but there were still small fish you could capture. I had a chance to explore the place and found an astonishing coral reefs and different variety of fish on the deeper part of the waters. I came across with a couple of fishermen who were using spears to catch fish. It still has a lot of variety of fish and vast healthy coral reefs. Although tourists are increasing every year, they try to maintain the diversity of the sea.

  • Fashion trade shows during Mbfw Berlin

  • Snowfall in Srinagar, Indian Administered Kashmir.

  • The Capitoline Hill lies between the Forum and the Campus Martius. It is one of the Seven Hills of Rome. The hilltop square was designed by Michelangelo, it is lined with museums. Fontana della Dea Roma (fountain middle) City Hall - Roma Capitale on January 16, 2019 in Rome, Italy.

  • A number of spotted deer animals [Axis axis] are seen in the mini zoo's animal enclosure, Madiun Umbul Square Tourism Park

  • Jallikattu festival held at Avaniyapuram in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu on the occasion of Pongal

  • Every day even time, workers always routinely feed a number of animals in the mini zoo of Madiun Umbul Square Tourism Park

  • Visitors pose while cycling air in the hillsides of the hills sloping the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Visitors sit while posing while swinging on the cliffs of the hilly area of the slopes of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • A number of small children look cheerful when playing together until they find a hammock in a pine forest in the hilly area of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Visitors complete the selfie on a raft boat from bamboo raw material against the background of the hilly area of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Visitors while on a balcony and a photographic tree house while enjoying the hilly area of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Self-organized concert on the terrace of the Pincio in Rome to commemorate the Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his death

  • Visitors are seen expressing while in the background of the love of the hills of the slopes of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Seen a number of unique house buildings arranged like a hobbit village in the hilly valley of the slopes of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • The location of the hilly valley is complete with umbrella tents and seating for a break to enjoy the view of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Looks at the board that says "show your guts" installed on a tree on the side of the vehicle track all terrain vehicle [ATV] in the pine forest area of the slopes of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • A number of residents are interested in visiting the artificial Paris Eiffel Tower just to look around and take pictures in the pine forest area of the slopes of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Two residents took time to take pictures with hammocks in the pine forest area on the slopes of the Lawu Magetan Mountains

  • Bull fights being held at rural parts of West Bengal.

  • In the holy month of magh in the city of Ganga Yumnaand Swrasti river a huge Hindu festival is organised in which people gather all over India. Vasudeva Nandswrasti is one of the Shankerachrya where they enter with his followers.

  • C2606 Locomotive Monument Park is a Green Open Space [RTH] that was built near the direct crossing road [JPL] area of ​​the Madiun station, 7 January 2019. The park is in addition to playing as a symbol of history so that the people of Madiun City can learn about the changes in the train time to time

  • Srinagar city covered in snow, Indian Administered Kashmir. Heavy snowfall disrupted air as well as road traffic throughout the valley since 04 January 2019.

  • Heavy Snowfall in Kashmir valley has disrupted air and road traffic between Srinagar and Jammu according to the news reports.

  • Pink flamingos in the Orbetello lagoon inside the WWF Oasis in Tuscany at sunset on a winter day

  • A man walks as it snows in Srinagar the summer capital of Indian controlled Kashmir on January 04, 2019.The first snowfall of 2019 in Srinagar has ended the two month long dry spell,the air and road traffic according to the news reports has been disrupted arcoss the Kashmir valley.

  • Youngsters play cricket in a field amid the fresh snowfall in Srinagar on Friday.Kashmir valley has witnessed a dip in the minimum temperature for over a fortnight and the fresh snowfall is expected to bring respite from the ice cold temperature.

  • Sunset with the sun going down near the island of Montecristo on a winter afternoon, on the coast of the Maremma Regional Park, with suggestive reflections on the surface of the sea

  • A fox walks at sunset inside the Maremma Regional Park, near the Marina di Alberese, in Tuscany, province of Grosseto

  • Winter morning walking along Cala Violina (Violin Bay), in Tuscany, the province of Grosseto, with some people riding on the shore and a boy who, despite the cold, has dived into the sea. The name of the bay derives from the sound that emits the sand, composed of very small quartz grains, when you walk on it, which recalls the sound of a violin