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  • The "Women's March" for civil rights and women's rights in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome, for the first anniversary of the "Women's March" of 21 January 2017, against the President of the United States Donald Trump. The march is organized by the Americans people who live in Rome, sees the Italian actress Asia Argento among the organizers and the promoters, after the Weinstein case that saw her at the forefront in the battle against harassment

  • Ekachai Hongkangwan, Thai political activist has raised petition on bribery and corruption case of General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Defense.

  • Children and teenagers of Piazza del Mercato meet the police two days after the launch of Molotov cocktails to light the bonfires in the street and from a distance fight with the military who tried to prevent bonfires. It is tradition for the scugnizzi to pile wood in some alleys and squares of the city and to set a fire.

  • Firdous Ahmad Dar, 26 a resident of Mazbugh village of Sopore in North Kashmir's Baramulla district left his home to get bread in 2016 mass uprising, but was shot by multiple pellets by government forces. Firdous lost his eyesight after receiving multiple injuries in his eyes. Firdous has lost eyesight in his both eyes. He was the lone bread earner for the family after his father Gulzar Ahmad Dar, a tailor by profession stopped working after brutally tortured by army in 90's.

  • One of the iconic folk festival of West Bengal is Tusu, which is mostly celebrated in the Purulia district on the day of Makar Sankranti

  • Students paraded between the districts of Scampia to get to the Chiaiano subway where last Saturday a boy of fifteen Gaetano was beaten by a baby gang.

  • The Deputy Mayor of Rome Luca Bergamo, Councillor for Person, School and Community of Solidarity Laura Baldassarre with the President of the Jewish Community of Rome Ruth Dureghello.

  • One of the biggest attractions of the Kalibo Sto. Nino Ati-atihan festival is the “Higante” contest and Aklan Festivals parade. Featuring giant figures of legend or folklore, spirited street dancing complete with colourful props, music and choreography. Visitors and tourists can take a glimpse of Aklan festivals in their unique and contemporary rendition of paying homage to God for His rich blessings.

  • Some kids were playing in the cold lava flood of Mount Sinabung.

  • A large procession of students marched through the neighborhoods of the northern area of ​​Naples, starting from Scampia to arrive at the Chiaiano underground stop where last Saturday a young student was beaten to death by a baby gang.

  • The President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso visits the working land in the territory of Marcianise.

  • The first covenant signing on counter-terrorism and anti-illegal drugs and criminality campaign with the Muslim and religious leaders in Panay Island.

  • Robusta coffee demand in the local market continues to increase, this year the increase in demand reached 20 percent. The high price of Robusta coffee in the market to make the farmers in Karo district still maintain the quality of coffee, although still with a traditional processing system.

  • Since the lava dome of Mount Sinabung collapse in August last year, lava dome volume now reaches 1.6 million cubic meters.

  • Besides, the old one is a motorcycle. About fifty years old to see very bad, there are some errors that have been corrected from garage shortly before. But Rashed on the vehicle is sitting on the whole, everything can change! Motor cycle rush like a hors of youth. The excess energy is added to it. But the way of going one way is horrible. A horizontal curve is made by placing a number of sticks in a narrow wooden rim of the ground. In it, the inner wall of the circle is the road to Rashade. So what ? Rashed started with ease. He started the motorcycle from the ground. Then move around the circle to the wall. Half of the latters are running in the hanging and the bike is running. Ever never got upstairs, sometimes in the middle or below.

  • Housing rights' activists hold a banner reading 'Stop evictions, give us houses' during a demonstration to protest against forced housing evictions in Rome on January 16, 2018.Hundreds of housing rights activists gathered next to regional government of Lazio to protest against forced housing evictions and to ask for measures to address the housing crisis in the capital. on January 16, 2018 in Rome, Italy

  • View the marvelous sunset with the islands as backdrop, Experience a glimpse of the province where the mountains meet the sea.

  • The Ati-Atihan Festival is a feast held annually in January in honor of the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus), concluding on the third Sunday, in the island and town of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines.

  • This year on 14th of January. Millions of devotees took a plunge on the holy river Ganges to pay homage to Kapil Muni temple located at the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Ganga river. On this occasion, Kolkata hosted a transition camp for these devotees and monk for a whole two weeks at the parade ground near Babughat Launch Ghat at Kolkata.

  • The pop that contaminates the classic, in a curious hybridization between Japanese and Italian culture. Until January 23rd, those walking through the Galleria Alberto Sordidi Roma can immerse themselves in the colorful and playful Japanese micro pop art by Tomoko Nagao. Strong piece of the exhibition just opened are two sculptures entitled Salome. In the eyes of visitors there is a girl's butted head, resting on a plate: an iconography revisited, compared to the tradition that on the silver plate the head of the Baptist wants. Salomé is not a executioner but a victim of stronger powers, and he becomes an emblem of a femininity that wants to redeem himself from his condition while remaining subjugated. An exhibition that is also distinguished…

  • 2018 National retail federation foundation gala at Pier 60

  • Pope Francis celebrates the World Day of Migrants and Refugees with a Holy Mass in Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Vatican on January 14, 2018.

  • The first phase of the three-day Biswa Ijtema ends with Akheri Munajat. Hafez Mohammad Zubayer, the Imam of Kakrail Mosque in Dhaka, conducted the Akheri Munajat that started at 11:00am, said the Ijtema organizers. Thousands of devotees, both from home and abroad, have attended the congregation. Some 4,473 foreign devotees from 88 countries have joined the first phase of the Ijtema. The second phase of Ijtema will be held on 19-21 January. Tablighi Jamaat has been organising the Ijtema on the bank of Turag river since 1967. The Ijtema is being held in two phases from 2011 to ease the accommodation crisis.

  • At the Teatro Augusteo in Naples, a great Neapolitan actor comedian, Lello Arena is on stage with the show "Parenti Serpenti".

  • After years of chaos and protests, citizens and residents of Chiaia take to the streets. This morning, a procession of three hundred people moved from Piazza Matteotti to get to the prefecture building in Piazza del Plebiscito. "In recent days there have been several intimidation - they say in the street - but this is almost normal. You can not continue to live with a subculture that is better than any other. We ask respect for us is for our families, we are not against the nightlife but we want to live ".

  • Digha is a seaside resort town in the state of West Bengal, India. It lies in East Medinipur district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal.New Year celebration on Digha Sea Beach was captured on 1st Jan 2018 Mid night. People was celebrating to welcome the new year.

  • Toni Servillo, famous Italian actor at the presentation of his new book "Il Teatro di Toni Servillo at the Biblioteca Nazione di Napoli in Palazzo Reale

  • In Napoli at the Biblioteca Nazionale the book "Il Teatro di Toni Servillo" was presented. Toni Servillo, known to the general public thanks to appreciated cinematographic roles, from the very beginning alternates the cinema with an interesting and original theatrical path, which Anna Barsotti, author of the book, carefully analyzes in the book of the title, published by Titivillus.

  • Change at the top of the "Ogaden" Carabinieri Inter-regional Command. This morning was held in Naples the ceremony of rotation of the Commander Carabinieri "Ogaden". At the General of the Army Corps Giovanni Nistri, Commander of the Summit from 6 April 2016, the paratroop Vittorio Tomasone takes over. General Nistri leaves, after 21 months, the Interregional Command as designated to assume, in a few days, the position of Commander General of the Arma.

  • Press conference" denied" Trucks at every corner, a huge deployment of the forces of law and order Piazza Indipendenza, five months after the eviction of the occupation of via Curtatone, this morning presented itself as such, still off limits for any public initiative connected to the events of last 24 August. After the banning of the anti-racist parade on December 16 last year to cross the square, a press conference organised by the grassroots trade union Si. Cobas was prevented today by the police. The activists (just over a dozen or so) were surrounded and invited to move away from the square, followed step by step, escorted until it was evident that they would not follow any public demonstration near the square. Nothing was worth…

  • The government will also spend Tk4,885cr for land acquisition and other managerial work. The total cost therefore stands at Tk13,825cr.

  • The colors that the sky of Rome takes with the lights of the city in the minutes after sunset around Castel Sant'Angelo

  • BASURA GARDEN: The name of this place is derived from the owner’s collection of artifacts, antiques, including recyclable garbage materials from the native Baleten-on folks. Among those that were transformed into works of arts the observer would gape at is a broken shoe that was subsequently turned into a beautiful flower vase, an ordinary stone framed to portray realities which many oftentimes ignore. The artworks are setup inside the private garden purposely to create a haven of inspiration for the owner’s family, to evoke their innate creative nature or talent. Hence, friends and guests who enter the place likewise get inspiration, announcing to the outside world there is a small haven of art that exists in this town of Balete, for all to…

  • Tajpur is located in East Medinipur, in the state of West Bengal, India on the shore of Bay of Bengal (near Digha). Tajpur is set between Mandarmani and Shankarpur. Tajpur is 170 km from the state capital Kolkata

  • More than 900 people, belonging to a faction of Islamic ideological movement Tabligh Jamaat, have demonstrated outside the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport,Dhaka crippling traffic in the northern part of the city. “The Tabligh Jamaat is split over Saad Kandhalvi’s leadership. A faction is opposing his arrival,” Airport Police OC Noor-a-Azam told UNB. Protests started around 9.30am, before Kandhalvi’s arrival in Dhaka.

  • Pope Francis leads his traditional Weekly General Audience in Paul VI Hall in Vatican City, Vatican on January 10, 2018.

  • 2000 years old China in the heart of Napoli. 170 large terracotta warriors, all life-size, are showed in Napoli in the nave of the Basilica of the Santo Spirito on Via Toledo and all with the vestments of soldiers, armor and shoes. They are a small part of the famous "Terracotta Army", made up of 8,000 terracotta statues that from the third century BC watch the Qin Shi Huang mausoleum in Xi'an (in eastern China). The Terra-Cotta Army

  • Nina Moric Croatian model and show girl and Alessandro Cecchi Paone Italian scientific journalist were testimonial of ST.Oscar of Fashion, at Palazzo Caracciolo in Naples.

  • Sit -in protest of the Federagit Tourist Guides under the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to request the postponement of the Bolkestein application.

  • It's the "solemn transfer" of the Black Nazarene replica from the Qurino Grandstand in Luneta to Quiapo Church.

  • The 2018 edition of the annual Traslacion of the Black Nazarene drew thousands of devotees who are currently participating in the commemoration of the transfer of a centuries-old icon of the Black Nazarene from the Luneta area to its current home at the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in the Quiapo District of Manila. Compared to previous years, the procession has moved faster owing to several minor changes in the routes passed by the traslacion. Furthermore local authorities noted that there were less devotees who participated in the procession at press time compared to last year at the same time.

  • The story of women within the Bangladeshi socio-economic context is diverse, giving women the challenge of living many incarnations during the course of a single day. A married woman is not just a wife and a mother; she is a provider of comfort, a team player and in this particular story an essential contributor to the economic aspect of her nuclear family. She is Salma Tahir. A woman of substance living in Khilkhet, Dhaka, with her husband Tahir Hasan and her two children Taha aged 8 and a half years and Nuhan aged 6 years. In the year 2002 she married Tahir Hasan on Valentine’s Day and has ever since maintained a brave smiling face to bring comfort to her family and fight on the daily battles. Salma’s many roles are as diverse as Durga and…

  • Thousands of teachers held a protest action outside the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research in Rome, Italy on January 08, 2018. About 43,000 teachers were outraged by a sentence of the Council of State that their diplomas, although valid for exercising their profession, don’t automatically qualify them for a full-time teaching post.

  • New Yorkers participate in 17th Annual No Pants Subway Ride in bitter cold below zero organized by Improv Everywhere including Asa Akira pornographic actress

  • Filipino devotees flock to Quiapo Church to parade their Black Nazarene replicas.

  • Napoli beats Veronawith score 2 to 0.

  • The Trajan Forum illuminated at night. Trajan's Forum (Foro di Traiano) was the last of the Imperial fora to be constructed in ancient Rome.

  • A cavalcade of the three kings, the day before Epiphany. It is a parade symbolizing the coming of the Magi to Bethlehem following the birth of Jesus.

  • A relaxing mystical kawa hot bath, a unique experience you want. A kawa hot bath is a traditional hot water bath that involves you being boiled alive. A unique experience, must try the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao, Antique. A hot bath that will surely relax your body.

  • Tourists around the historic center of Rome.