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  • People attend the Dominican Day Parade in New York, the United States. Dominican Day is a festive occasion celebrating Dominican tradition, heritage and folklore in the streets of New York.

  • A Thai farmer clear his rice field using motorised plough, instead of the traditional slash-and-burn method, in Nakhon sawan province, north of Bangkok

  • Wonderful Archipelago Carnival Indonesia (WACI) Asia Light Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) 2018 at Jember, East Of Java.

  • In the photo the place of the crime Giugliano in Campania (Italy). Last night it seemed a trivial dispute between spouses, but her brother to defend it intervenes and is killed by his brother-in-law.

  • A Thai farmer tends to a flock of ducks near a paddy field in Nakhon Sawan province.

  • Joan Baez on stage Attraverso Festival in Pollenzo for her "Fare Thee Well" concert tour.

  • Olympiacos FC has won in his home FC Luzern 4-0, for the third Qualifying Round of UEFA Europa League.

  • Demonstration in front of the Argentine embassy in Rome in support of the struggle for Legal Abortion in Argentina in conjunction with the examination of the draft law on the voluntary termination of pregnancy under discussion in the Argentine Senate, approved weeks ago by the Chamber of Deputies.

  • This morning at the Gaetano Filangieri Museum, the core patronage protection and art of the carabinieri has returned many artichokes stolen in the past few years at the same museum.

  • The most famous fountain in the world invaded by tourists in a jumper of summer heat one of the many beauties of the eternal city, visited by millions of tourists on August 08, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

  • Vincenzo De Luca at Napoli at the headquarters of the Genoa hall of the Campania region. The President Hon. Vincenzo de Luca announces that the region has managed to save the historic EAV transport company from bankruptcy and that short time will be 350 new hires and new transport vehicles.

  • Gili Trawangan is one of the most favorite islands on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara for domestic and foreign tourists. But unfortunately, the beautiful clean island without pollution was affected by the Lombok 7 SR earthquake shock.

  • The US dollar currency is now equivalent to 14,548.30 Indonesian Rupiah.

  • Students of various colleges and schools of the city joined feet on monday afternoon to protest against the atrocities happening over at bangladesh on students and journalist by ' Chatra League ' and ' Police' of Bangladesh. They marched to Bangladesh embassy from Park circus to submit a deputation and voice their opinions on the silence of Bangladesh goverment over the issue of constant attack on students and journalist in the country. They were stopped by Kolkata police and was not allowed to enter near the Bangladesh High Commissions office. A brief clash happened between the police and the students as they were making their way towards the Embassy.Nobodies was injured.Later a section of student were allowed to go meet…

  • Wat Makham temple is seen on droplets while raining in Chanthaburi province, east of Bangkok

  • Tourists walk around a reclining Buddha during their visit at Wat Lokaya Sutha in Thailand's Ayutthaya province.

  • Lizz Wright, a young singer from a small town in Georgia, began to sing gospel music and play the piano in church, and then became interested in jazz and blues music. On 2/8/2018 he performed live at the Casa del Jazz in Rome for 'Roma Jazz Festival' with Kenny Banks on keyboards, Martin Kolarides on guitar, Nicholas D'Amato on bass and Ivan Edwards on drums.

  • This afternoon a large group of immigrants living in Naples met in Piazza Garibaldi to say no to the phenomenon of racism towards immigrants, and say no to the Salvini Di Maio government.

  • Jakarta Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi) building.

  • The Rom community, Sinti and walkers of Rome, together with associations and committees, today showed in Montecitorio Square to remember the extermination that took place on August 2, 1944 in the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau and to denounce the climate of discrimination, intolerance and racism that the communities are undergoing, with threats of ethnic censuses, evictions without alternatives and widespread violence. Similar events took place today in Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovakia, while in recent days they were held in Spain, Romania and the Czech Republic.

  • After an exciting football friendly game, between AEK and Galatasaray, AEK manage to win Galatasaray 3-2.

  • Senerchia is a beautiful village abandoned in the upper Sele Valley between the provinces of Avellino and Salerno.Over the centuries the houses were built along the path of a stream and remained in piedu up to the sad earthquake of 6, .9 on the Ritcher scale, which took place on November 23, 1980

  • Rome. Tourists at Trevi Fountain in Rome; according to a survey by the CNA Study Center (Tourism and Commerce), the tourist queen of the summer 2018. The research estimates that 24.5 million will estimate foreign tourists in the three summer months - rising Australians, Japanese and US, confirmations for Russians and Chinese - who will arrive in our country against 23 million in 2017.

  • The Portuguese singer performed on 28/7/2018 at the Casa del Jazz during the festival 'I Concerti nel Parco' presenting her second album as 'O Horizonte' author. During the show he also sang songs by two other great artists, Amalia Rodriguez and Violeta Parra and his ancient group: Madredeus. With her on the stage Rui Lobato drums, percussions, guitar; Josè Peixoto guitar; Oscar Torres, double bass Carisa Marcelino, accordion.

  • Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Sicilian actress, turned 50 and celebrated her birthday in the exclusive location of Villa Appia Antica in Rome, with VIP and family friends. The party was organized by Andrea Riccio CEO and Founder of Wedding Solution, who took care of the Sicilian theme set up in each details. The exclusive party was attended by her husband Giulio Violati, Beppe Convertini, Maurizio Maffei with his wife, Vittoria Belvedere, Sabrina Impacciatore, Valeria Graci, Domenico De Pasquale in art Mingo of Stricia the news, Nando Mormone, Angela Acanfora, Nando Muscariello.

  • Mr. Halawa, 49 years old. in a period of more than 10 years as a chainsaw worker, in his daily work accompanied by a single child, as an assistant in the work of his father, such as giving lubricants, measuring and others. he is very skilled in the work he is often called the residents of the area around his residence to do the work of cutting wood, splitting etc. as a chainsaw worker his work is the backbone for his family in recent years. although the work is sometimes a spiritual conflict for his personal amid modern equipment today. as a traditional chainsaw worker he still uses traditional techniques and tools as well as improvised in terms of cutting, measuring, lifting wood, nevertheless, his work remains precise and accurate. photo…

  • Views of Buckingham Palace and HM Treasury, the UK’s finance ministry.

  • A successful community charity project a feeding program event organized by the "Good Deeds Riders" for the children in Kamuning Quezon City in-cooperation with Barangay Kamuning under the leadership of Barangay Captain Armie Castel and her councils on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

  • Italian singer and songwriter Fabrizio Moro, performs live on stage at Arenile Reload in Napoli during his “Fabrizio Moro tour 2018” .

  • The undisputed protagonist of contemporary jazz, Steve Coleman & Five Elements performed live at the Casa del Jazz in Rome on 27/7/2018. With him on stage Kokay on vocals, Jonathan Finlayson on the trumpet, Anthony Tidd on the electric bass, Sean Rickman on drums.

  • A Thai farmer burns a paddy field in Nakhon Sawan province.

  • A clay artists supply clay idols of Hindu Gods in Kolkata and also exports the idols to the foreign countries.

  • During the Asanha Bucha Day at a temple in Nakhon Sawan province. Asanha Bucha Day, the anniversary of Buddha's first sermon.

  • The blue blood moon popularly known as blue moon or total eclipse is a very rare event which happens once in years in this process the moon appears blood red in colour as it crosses the shadow of the Earth "blue blood moon" is the word mostly used when the moon appears red in colour. People across the world see this rare event through compatible devices as it mostly cannot be seen with naked eyes

  • Demonstration in front of the Ministry of the Interior to say enough to the dead at sea. The demonstrators, who marched in silence with their hands painted red raised - red as the blood of thousands of migrants swallowed up in the Mediterranean or tortured in Libyan prisons - protested against the government's policy on migrants and against Italian choices regarding the management of migratory flows.

  • The ministers go to the Chigi Palace for the Council of Ministers

  • The successful Pandesal forum event led by forum moderator Wilson Lee Flores with the guest of honor NCRPO Chief Superintendent Guillermo T. Eleazar held at the Prime Hotel, Quezon City.

  • Cory Henry, a musician originally from Brooklyn, is a purebred musician. An excellent keyboardist, before focusing on solo projects, he played with Bruce Springsteen, The Roots, P. Diddy and Yolanda Adams. At the 'Roma Jazz Festival'-Parterre Farnesina on 23/7/2018, he performed live with' The Funk Apostles' band formed by Nicholas Semrad on keyboards, Sharay Reed on bass, TaRon Lockett on drums, Adam Agati on guitar, Tiffany Stevenson and Denise Stoudmire to the choir.

  • Many parts of central and north Kolkata got waterlogged due to heavy downpour that started on wednesday night and continued all throughout the next day. Authorities are working overtime to clear the roads of stagnant water.

  • Carmen Consoli during her Eco di Sirene Tour.

  • People are encouraged to raise awareness during their activities in coastal waters of the South Coast Sea of Yogyakarta Special Region, because the sea wave height is estimated to reach six to nine meters. High wave is expected to still hit the southern coast of Yogyakarta until July 29 next.

  • Thais visit at Wat Tha Sung ahead of Asanha Bucha Day in Thailand's Uthai Thani province on July 26, 2018. Asanha Bucha Day, the anniversary of Buddha's first sermon, will be celebrated in Thailand on Friday.

  • The Horison Hotel in Yogyakarta. The market share of 6% Indonesia hotels throughout the Asia Pacific region, over Japan 4%, South Korea 3% . Indonesia also managed to out perform Japan who were in the top five, six, Hong Kong and South Korea down to seven.

  • It is difficult to describe with words, the tragic conditions experienced by the inhabitants of Mati, after the fire. The devastating fire in its passage, left dead, missing persons, property damaged and ecological destruction. Greece since yesterday is in a three-day mourning...

  • Citizen of Pakistan's are casts their vote at a polling station during Pakistan general election in Quetta.

  • A successful grand opening of the Dunamai cafe led by Grain foundation officials, Barista team leader along with the certified barista TESDA graduates of persons with disability (PWD) held at Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. # 261 Don Fabian St. Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines on Tuesday (July 24, 2018)

  • Boats carrying wax castles moves along Noi River take part in a colourful procession ahead of Asanha Bucha Day in Thailand's Ayutthaya province on July 25, 2018. Asanha Bucha Day, the anniversary of Buddha's first sermon, will be celebrated in Thailand on Friday.

  • Election official carries ballot boxes at a distribution center in Quetta.

  • Laura Pausini in concert at the Circo Massimo in Rome for the world opening of her "World Wide Tour 2018"

  • Gemitaiz on the stage of Flowers Festival 2018, a music festival near Torino Gemitaiz with the release of her new album "DAVIDE" in a short time, climbs the ranking of the best-selling pieces in Italy