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  • Premiere of Seagull at Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC.

  • 3rd edition of Comic Con held in Warsaw-Nadarzyn. Warsaw Comic Con is the largest pop culture festival in Poland and soon in Central Europe. Hollywood stars, special guests, cosplay competitions and shows, numerous games and competitions, attractions and entertainment zones, comic book exhibition, film plans and accommodation on site.

  • Devotees participate in chariot procession of Rato Machhendranath,God of rain along with Minnath on the third day of the month-long festival. Devotees pull the chariots from Mangalbazar,Patan Durbar Square towards Sundhara.

  • The Spanish village of Agreda, north of Spain, celebrates the tradition 'Los Desposorios de Jaime I, el Conquistador, y Leonor de Castilla'. It commemorates the marriage, which was held on February 6, 1221, between Jaime I de Aragón and Leonor de Castilla.

  • Lucas Arthur Englander, Seth Gabel, Ken Biller, Alex Rich, Antonio Banderas attend premiere of Genius: Picasso during Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC

  • Cyrill Nri, Liv Hill, James Gardner, Tomos Eames attend premiere of Jellyfish during Tribeca Film Festival at Cinepolis Chelsea.

  • Brian Girard, Sam Huntington, Kate Micucci, Mark McKinney, Dan Harmon, Vivieno Caldinelli attend premiere of Seven Stages during Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theater.

  • Michael Angarano, Andre Hyland, Dree Hemingway, Sam Boyd, Patrick Gibson, Jay Ellis attend premiere of "In A Relationship" during Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theater

  • Comic Con Warsaw – spring edition starts in Warsaw Nadarzyn at PTAK expo center. Young people gather to weekend pop event.

  • A celebration of Kartini Day; to mark in that memorial with the theme "Kampoeng Kartini". The committee held a caravan chariot. The trains are decorated and carrying 1000 diamonds with trinkets of petromak lamps and antiques decoration to portray Kampoeng Kartini Tempo in the past. R.A. Kartini is one of the National Hero who is known to be striving for Indonesian women's emancipation

  • The heart of Narrative Movements, the associated artists celebrated World Art Day through an unconventional art awareness exhibition. It is the first of its kind happening simultaneously in 40 places all over the world on the same day spreading the motto "One Art One World".

  • A Pakistani farmer guides his bulls as he competes in a traditional bull race in village Jaranwala 30 chock some 250km from Lahore In a rural corner of Pakistan on April 20,2018. Around 200 pair of bulls from different rural areas of Pakistan participate in the traditional bull race which has being organised for 26 years” organized on a 400-meters length field where the farmers competed to be the fastest racer to reach the finish line in order to win the monetary award. During the race bulls run in pair, yoked together with heavy wooden frames called 'joots', the jockey rides behind on a metal or wooden tray attached to the yoke by a rope. In Pakistan, usually bulls are used for farming, cultivation and transport but a racing bull…

  • Devotees pull the chariot of Rato Machhendranath during the first day of Rato Machhendranath festival .Rato Machhendranath is worshipped both by Hindus and Buddhists as god of rain for prosperity.

  • Press conference to present the Roma Europa Festival 2018.

  • Borobudur Masterpiece 2018 held to advance Indonesia tourism and display dance regions, Batik fashion and music. Borobudur temple is the site world heritage who was noted officially by UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation ) as world cultural heritage site.

  • On the occasion of the oath of the students of the Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli province of Napoli, It is expected to pass the Frecce Tricolori, Italian National Acrobatic Patrol.

  • In country’s one of the backward state Jharkhand observed first Pride Walk today. Members of the LGBTQ community organized the state's first Queer Pride Parade in Jamshedpur. The members left no stone unturned to make the event a memorable one - with rainbow flags, balloons and celebratory music beats, the streets of Jamshedpur wore a happy and gay look.

  • Devotees with their tongue pierced with an iron rod take part in a religious procession to celebrate Shiva Gajan festival. Charak is a part of Shiva Gajan festival is observed specially by the schedule cast community like Bauri, Bagdi, Hari, Dom etc. The personal who participated in the festival become Shiva devotees called Sannyashi or Bhakta & respected by all. Hundreds of faithful devotees offer sacrifice & performed acts of devotion during the festival in the hopes of winning the favour of Hindu god Shiva & ensuring the fulfilment of their wishes & also to mark the end of the Bengali calendar year. The central theme of this Shiva Gajan festival is to achieve satisfaction through pain, devotion & sacrifice.

  • Indonesia is rich in various arts and culture as a way of life of human beings done in groups or communities, and in hereditary from generation to generation. Various traditions and various art and culture owned by the Indonesian nation, always ogled by other nations. The cultural diversity of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke is an invaluable asset, so it must be maintained and preserved

  • Hundreds of surrendered Abu Sayyaff in Basilan attended the inauguration of Program Against Violent Extremism (PAVE) for Peace in 4th Special Forces Battalion in Isabela, Basilan. Free medical procedures and livelihood program were given to surrenderees for them to veer away from returning to the rebel group. Different military and government officials attended this groundbreaking event.

  • Devotees perform religious rituals and take holy bath at a pond,stone taps in remembrance of their deceased mothers on Mata Tirtha Aunsi, or the Mother's Day in Matatirtha, Kathmandu,Nepal.

  • Devotees draw Swastik Sign, (The Holy Sign), in a wall of a temple for the good of the family on the occasion of Poila Boishaak, the Bengali new year at Agartala.

  • Celebration of a blooming Cherry.

  • Buddha Krishna Baga Shrestha travels around the town carrying a round bamboo rack with a flaming torch after getting his tongue pierced with an iron spike during the Tongue Penetration Festival at Bode in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The festival has a belief that the procession after penetrating an iron spike and walking around the town shouldering a round bamboo rack with a flaming torch brings good fortune to the villagers.

  • People took part in traditional games during Bohag Bihu to celebrate the festival of Bihu in its true spirit.

  • Devotees carry chariots of various deities during the celebration of traditional "Sindoor Jatra" (vermillion powder) festival to mark the Nepali New Year and the beginning of spring season. The festival is celebrated at local town of Thimi in Bhaktapur on the third day of the 10-day Bisket Jatra Festival, when devotees from Thimi and surrounding villages bring out a procession of 32 palanquins with idols of different deities carrying them around the town, sprinkling the vermillion powder all around and also smearing each other with it.

  • Indonesian artist perform art attraction Kuda Lumping during cultural event in Bogor, Indonesia. Kuda Lumping art that exhibits eating glass.

  • People participate in a colorful procession to celebrate Bengali New Year.

  • A group of Bengali takes part in a rally from Sukanto Setu called Mangal Sobhayatra for well being in coming year on the occasion of Bengali New Year.

  • Bengali businessman worship Laxmi Ganesh and open new financial ledger book on the occasion of Bengali New Year in Kalighat Temple.

  • Baisakhi 2018, one of the prime festivals for the followers of Sikh religion, is celebrated annually on April 13 or 14. The day marks the birth of Khalsa Panth under Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhs, in the year 1699. Also on this day, Sikh New Year is celebrated. North Indians, especially people in Punjab and Haryana, thank the God Almighty for good harvest.

  • Meraj-ul-Alam (the night of Journey and Ascension) was observed across the Kashmir valley on Saturday after nightlong prayers at different mosques and shrines of Valley. The day is observed on 27th Rajab, as per the Islamic lunar calendar to mark the anniversary of heavenly journey of Holy Prophet. it is mentioned in the islamicbooks that on the night of Meraj, Allah (swt) declared five times prayers mandatory upon the Muslims.

  • Mehraj-ul-Alam (the night of Journey and Ascension) was observed across the Kashmir valley on Saturday after night long prayers at different mosques and shrines of Valley. The main religious function held at the Hazratbal shrine on the banks of the Dal Lake where the holy relic of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was displayed for devotees.

  • Chinese tourist hold a water gun join The Songkran festival at neighborhood Ratchaprasong during " The Songkran Water Festival Campaign Safe 2018 " will be held from 13th to 15th April.

  • Hundreds of scientists, researchers, and students from around the New York City area gathered in Washington Square Park on April 14, 2018; for the “March for Science New York City”, a rally and teach-in in support of science and evidence-based public policy before marching to City Hall park.

  • Local people pull down the ceremonial wooden pole during the celebration of traditional Bisket Jatra Festival or Nepali New Year to welcome spring in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

  • People pray at Hazratbal Shrine on the eve of Mehraj-ul-Alam at Hazratbal Shrine in Dargah Area of Srinagar, Kashmir on 14 April 2018. Hundreds of devotees throng Hazratbal shrine to have a look on the Possible Holy Relic which is said to be hair of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

  • Bengali observes Charak Puja on the last day of Bengali calendar popularly known as Chaitra Sankranti in Rajgarha village 50km south from state capital Kolkata. Hindu devotees offer rituals in believe that celebrations leads to prosperity in the coming year.

  • The Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University on Saturday brought out the 'Mangal Shobhajatra' (a traditional parade) where tens of thousands of people from all walks of life joined to celebrate Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bengali new year 1425. The shobhajatra, led by DU vice chancellor Md Akhtaruzzaman, started from the fine arts faculty premises around 9:00am. Cultural affairs minister Asaduzzaman Noor, along with teachers and students, also joined the rally. Mangal Shobhajatra has become an integral part of the Bengali culture to celebrate Pahela Baishakh that upholds secularism, religious harmony and solidarity. The Mangal Shobhajtara, also a UNESCO cultural heritage, this year featured replicas of sun, heron, fishes, elephant,…

  • The whole group of -Gajan- is doing make up and doing rituals before starting the 'Shiber Gajan', in the outskirts of Agartala, capital of the Northeastern state of Tripura,India . 'Shiber Gajan', a traditional festival of the Hindu community in Tripura. In Bengal and areas having Bengali speaking populace, Gajan is a unique festival celebrated in the last two days Chaitra which marks the end of the Bengali New Year. The festival usually starts in mid April. Though Gajan is primarily a festival of the farming community, it is widely practised by daily wagers and people from other humble professions, who bear close affinity to Shaivism or the cult of Lord Shiva. The festival involves…

  • Bangladeshi people caries mask as they participate in a colorful parade to celebrate the first day of the Bengali New year known as Pohela Boishakh in Dhaka.

  • Artists performing folk dance of Assam during Latasil Bihu Sanmilan. Latasil Bihu Sanmilan, one of the oldest Bihu cultural event organisers, organises the Bihu Xomragyi (Bihu Queen) contest every Rongali Bihu.

  • International Fashion Fair tenerife 2018 until the 15th, will bring together more than a hundred companies from the sector that will be able to market and display their products ,desighners and models ,and also bodypainting exhibition.

  • Both Thai and foreign tourists hold water gun joining Songkran festival at Silom road in Bangkok."The Songkran Water Festival Campaign Safe 2018 " will be held from 13th to 15th April.

  • Both Thai and foreign tourists holding water gun join the Songkran festival at Khaosan road in Bangkok during "Songkran Water Festival Campaign Safe 2018 " that will be held from 12th to 15th April.

  • Players in action in Traditional game of Assam “Rosi Tona Khel” ( Rope Pulling) during Indigenous Game Festival. “Rosi Tona Khel” ( Rope Pulling) is a sport that directly puts two teams against each and pull on opposite ends of a rope with the goal to bring the rope in a certain distance on the force of the opposing team's pull.

  • Opening ceremony of the 2018 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival at Philadelphia's Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens.

  • Children participated in Bihu Dance workshop ahead of Rongali Bihu festival.

  • Gianna Nannini arrives in Rome with her "Fenomenale il Tour"

  • Devotees pull the chariot of Lord Bhairav on the first day of celebration of Bisket Jatra festival in Bhaktapur,Nepal. Bisket Jatra is one of the major festival of the country as a tradition in celebration to welcome spring season and Nepali New Year.