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  • It started snowing in the city of Corona in New York this afternoon and according to the forecast,it will transform into rain later on.

  • People visiting historical Jahangir Tomb building during the heavy rainy weather in provincial capital city Lahore on February 20, 2019. Lahore and its suburbs received heavy rain on Wednesday. The city roads gave a look of canals after heavy rain continued till filing of this report. A number of feeders also tripped in city due to heavy rain and several localities remained under darkness during the night. Rainwater also entered hundreds of homes in low-lying areas.

  • Around 100 people gathered at Puerta del Sol in Madrid to protest against energy poverty and show suppor to renewable energies.

  • Birds of the Philippines, a wildlife photography. The Philippine archipelago has an astounding mix of more than 400 species of resident and migratory birds, almost 150 species are endemic. Despite the high degree of endemism, very few Filipinos are aware of the country's avifaunal diversity.

  • People and motorist on their way during fresh spell of heavy rain fall in provincial capital city Lahore.

  • The baby Western lowland gorilla 'Yamila ', who arrived on last June 2016 with a weight of 1 kilogram after a 9-month gestation, have reached the thirty two months of life with excellent health, according to her Madrid' zoo keepers.

  • Heavy snow in Queens,New York this Tuesday afternoon.

  • People are face with heavy snow in Brooklyn,New York this Tuesday morning.

  • Solar Halo can be seen around the sun in Srinagar, Indian Administered Kashmir on 09 February 2019. Solar Halo phenomenon is caused by light passing through the ice crystals in the air.

  • The major Italian trade unions organized a single national demonstration, which was attended by more than one hundred thousand people from all over the Italian regions. Theme of the event: unified proposals on growth and development and the government's request to open a dialogue with the trade unions. The procession, starting from Piazza della Repubblica, moved to Piazza San Giovanni where the general secretaries of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, Maurizio Landini, Annamaria Furlan and Carmelo Barbagallo intervened.

  • Kashmir: Incessant snowfall cripples normal life, impacts traffic, flights. Normal life has been heavily affected by incessant snowfall in Kashmir. It is the heaviest snowfall seen in many years. Since it has been snowing in the valley for last two days continuously. Due to the snowfall the normal life was thrown out of gear in Kashmir. The Jammu-Srinagar highway was blocked for traffic while most roads even in cities like Srinagar were choked.

  • Pakistani labors busy in a vegetable market and commuters on the way during heavy rain in Lahore. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) on Thursday predicted heavy rainfall in the provincial capital within the next three days “Heavy rain lashed different cities causing several rain-linked accidents.

  • The United Nations Trusteeship Council was the site of an extensive report by the UN EAT Lancet Commission that included food and healthcare professionals, as well as actor and philanthropist Alec Baldwin & his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, the latter of whom is a commission member.

  • Indonesian ethnic Chinese pray during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations at Dharma Bhakti Temple, Jakarta, Indonesia. Chinese around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year on 5 February 2019, the first day of the year of pig.

  • Protest in front of the Palazzo di Montecitorio in Rome against climate change, organized by the #FridaysForFuture movement, groups of students who follow the example of Greta Thunberg, the sixteen year old Swedish girl who since last August shows every Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament against changes in the Earth's climate. Present the deputy Muroni Rossella, who last week had blocked the transfer of migrants from the CARA of Castelnuovo di Porto

  • Press Conference before Berlinale 2019.

  • The state of the last garbage dump in Banda Aceh, Saturday, January, 26, 2019. The Indonesian Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, said Indonesia was the second largest country to dump garbage in the sea and in August 2018 she made a move to reduce 70 percent of garbage in the ocean.

  • Nine arrests were reported at the US Extinction Rebellion (XR), the first major New York City civil disobedience action of a dynamic, bold new environmental movement. A nonviolent action was organized on January 26, 2019 to temporarily shut down Rockefeller Plaza, a prominent New York City landmark to create awareness of the extreme peril of the climate change emergency through a nationwide day of nonviolent civil disobedience and protest.

  • The Indonesian government has banned the capture of sharks on the high seas. However, fishermen are still hunting sharks for trading without regard to their sustainability because of the lack of overall socialization for fishermen in Indonesia.

  • Pakistani villagers busy in their work as routine life during dense fog suburb of Lahore. Punjab is in the grip of severe cold, while dense fog has engulfed almost everything, especially the motorway.Routine life in various cities, including Lahore, Sheikhupura, Ferozwala, Kasur, Okara, Pak Pattan, Chistiyan, and Sahiwal has been badly affected since Wednesday night and people are facing severe problems due to reduced visibility.The dense fog across Punjab resulted in the tripping of four power plants. This resulted in an almost four-hour long blackout in the provincial capital.

  • A white stork(Ciconia ciconia) agitated by wind in Madrid, where the strong gusts of wind reached between 65 and 75 kilometres an hour during the afternoon hours.

  • During the cold rainy weather in provincial capital city Lahore. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Sunday forecast a two-day rain spell with snowfall in various parts of the country, including Lahore, from Tuesday.“Rain with snowfall over the hills is expected at scattered places in Quetta, Zhob, Kohat, Malakand and Hazara divisions, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir, while light rain is likely at isolated places in Lahore, Peshawar, Mardan, Bannu, DI Khan, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi divisions as well as the federal capital .

  • Fashion trade shows during Mbfw Berlin

  • A major fire broke out at 12.45 am at a five-storey building housing garment shops in Gariahat crossing at Kolkata, burning goods worth crores and destroying multiple shops next to the building.The building houses a garment store on the ground and first floor and residential apartments on the floors above.

  • The much awaited 10th edition of Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2019 took place at four heritage venues at Kolkata’s most trendy Park street - Park Mansions Lawn, Alliance Francaise, Max Muller Bhavan at Park Mansions, Allen Park, Development Consultants Pvt Ltd’s Your Space of Celica House

  • Fire breaks out at Traders Assembly building in Kolkata.

  • Four New Yorkers were arrested early morning on January 16,2019 for using a tractor to block a cargo shipment on Route 55 in New Milford, CT destined for the Cricket Valley Energy Center construction site, a massive 1100-megawatt gas-fired power plant under construction in Wingdale, New York.

  • In the last decades, white storks (Ciconia ciconia) throughout Europe have advanced their spring migrations, this species arrived 30 and 40 days early In Spain.

  • Snowfall in Kashmir.

  • Pakistani people enjoying during snow falling in Murree subdivision of Rawalpindi, Islamabad. Murree is certainly Pakistan’s favorite hill station and vacation spot. It is located in the subdivision of Rawalpindi division including the Margalla Hills near Islamabad. The city experiences amusing summers and cold snowy winters. The city is renowned for its Tudorbethan and neo-gothic architecture from the colonial era. Winters in Murree are known for their snowfall that attracts thousands of visitors and natives every year. The temperature in October remains between 20°C to 34°C, and in November, the Murree temperature cools down to 17 °C, 18°C and 19°C.During winters, Murree experience snowfall but remain calm as compare to the northern part…

  • Cold temperatures hit Madrid. According to the AEMET state meteorology service, 30 provinces across Spain are due to receive ice-cold temperatures during the next days.

  • A pile of rubbish meets the Pisang Batu River in Tarumajaya, Bekasi Regency, West Java, forming a new 1.5 kilometer stretch of land on Wednesday 1/9/2018. River water also looks pitch black and produces an unpleasant smell.

  • Pakistani gypsy children playing at the bank of river Ravi with an attractive and significant view of the beautiful clouds hovering the sky during sunset as weather turned pleasant after a long spell smog and fog in Lahore.

  • Migratory birds are afloat over the surface of a wetland, Hokersar located on the outskirts of Srinagar in Indian Controlled Kashmir on Friday, January 04, 2019.

  • Youngsters play cricket in a field amid the fresh snowfall in Srinagar on Friday.Kashmir valley has witnessed a dip in the minimum temperature for over a fortnight and the fresh snowfall is expected to bring respite from the ice cold temperature.

  • Pakistani and former people visit to the historic Lahore fort as weather turned pleasant after long spell of engluf smog and fog in provincial city of Lahore on January 04, 2019.Lahore Fort also known as Shahi Qila is located in north-western corner of the historical city of Lahore. Though irregular in scheme the fort measures about 427 meters east-west and 335 meters north-south excluding the fortification wall added later during the Sikh rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1799 – 1839 A.D).The chequered history of the fort is a living witness of the zenith and nadir of the Mughals, the Sikhs and the colonial rulers. The art of the fort building is reflects a series of monuments from Emperor Akbar (ruled: 1556 – 1605) to the Aurangzeb (ruled: 1658…

  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and city officials participated in a rally and press conference marking the entry into force of New York City's ban on single-use styrofoam at the Hamilton Avenue Marie Transfer Station in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

  • Haridwar is one of the seven holiest places for Hindus. It literally means ‘Gateway to God' and the Holy Ganges leaves the mountains to flow down God’s own town. Hundreds of Hindus take a ritual dip in the Ganges at Haridwar believing it absolves a lifetime of sins. Haridwar is also known as the paradise for tourists for its scenic beauty.

  • Search and Rescue team (Basarnas) Kendari train Air Traffic Control (ATC) officers to evacuate themselves in the event of disasters such as earthquakes and fires in the Air Traffic Control tower area of Halu Oleo Airport, Southeast Sulawesi.

  • Trash on streets in Palermo, Sicily.

  • In the Christmas period the problem of the accumulation and disposal of garbage in the streets of Rome has increased, in some districts of the city the bins are not sufficient to contain urban waste

  • Hiroaki Sakamoto, MD, mobile solutions business division, Panasonic corporation along with others during the launching of toughest touch pad smart phone.

  • Based on the latest data from the village heads, there were around 1,821 damaged houses affected by the disaster in Bogor, Indonesia.

  • Madrid Zoo participates in the European Endangered Species Program to protect to the Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). It is the smallest subspecies of gorilla but nevertheless still a primate of exceptional size and strength. It is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The population of them in the wild is faced by a number of factors that threaten its extinction, due to deforestation, farming, grazing, and the expanding human settlements that cause forest loss.

  • People wear pollution mask during an awareness campaign for “Right to Breath” against air pollution.

  • 80,000 people have participated in the demonstration in Turin against the realization of the TAV, Treno ad Alta Velocità (Train to High Speed), that should connect Turin to Lione for the transport of commodities, a work considered very expensive, useless and harmful for the environment

  • The Umbria Jazz Winter #26 Press Conference was held at Villa Mercadante in Rome, an event that will take place in the city of Orvieto from 28.12.2018 to the 1st year 2019. Present the Mayor of Orvieto Giuseppe Germani , the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Orvieto Alessandra Cannistrà, Carlo Pagnotta for the Umbria Jazz Participation Foundation and a representative of the Orvieto Wine Consortium. At the end of the Conference a buffet of local products was offered to the participants.

  • NY youth, leaders representing hundreds of community, social justice, environmental and climate organizations wrote and delivered an open letter to Democratic Party US Senate leader Chuck Schumer on December 3, 2018 urging him to oppose Bernard Mcnamee for FERC Commissioner and Joe Manchin as Energy And Natural Resources Committee ranking member.

  • In the last week, hundreds of gulls, most of them Black-headed gulls (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) and Lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus), have arrived to Madrid from, probably, central and north of Europe.

  • The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella at the inauguration of the Academic Year 2018/2019 of the University of Turin