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  • Madrid Zoo participates in the conservation of the African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus), which is listed in the Red Data Book as an endangered species. Roughly 4 million penguins existed at the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays, only 55,000.

  • World Day Rhino will be celebrated on next Friday, September 22 2017. It is designed to spotlight that world's rhinoceros population is quickly dwindling. According 'Save the Rhino' organization, there were over 500,000 rhinos across Africa and Asia at the start of the 20th century. Today, as few as 29,000 left. Three of the species are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.

  • Daily life in the Spanish village of Viana de Duero, province of Soria, north of Spain. It is Europe’s largest desert in terms of population with just 1.8 inhabitants per sq km, by three in Siberia.

  • Ranchers from several Spanish provinces, mainly from the Basque Country region, brought their cattles to 'La Chata' bullring in Soria, north of Spain, for to be displayed and sale during the IX Annual Cattle Fair. The province of Soria is a highly agricultural and livestock region.

  • Flock of sheep in the province of Soria, north of Spain, have declined between a 60-80% in the last two decades due to advanced age of the shepherds and ranchers, and the high production costs.

  • It was held on September 14th the press conference and screening preview of the film "Veleno" at the Modern Cinema in Naples with the protagonists Luisa Ranieri and Massimiliano Bruno, Salvatore Esposito, Genny Savastano of Gomorrah, Nando Picone, Miriam Candurro. The Veleno movie draws on the drama of a violated territory, contaminated by the poisons that unscrupulous criminals have scattered about most of Caserta. In a small center of that province, a humble family of farmers refuses to let its land become an open landfill.The Land of Fire, the Camorra, controversial lands where to digest the toxic waste, the struggle of those opposed to that violent and aggressive system, of those who do not yield to the flattery of easy money.…

  • The barn owl (Tyto alba, the most widely distributed species of owl. uses its acute sense of hearing when hunting in complete darkness. Barn Owls have excellent adaptations for successful hunting almost silently and learn to do so almost entirely by their own instincts when they are 8-14 weeks old. Due to their specially adapted feathers are not particularly waterproof and they are unable to store a lot of body fat, they are unable to hunt in heavy rain and are particularly prone to starvation during prolonged periods of severe weather. A Barn owl sleeps at Madrid zoo. The barn owl (Tyto alba, the most widely distributed species of owl. uses its acute sense of hearing when hunting in complete darkness. A Barn owl sleeps at Madrid zoo. The barn…

  • The baby Borneo Orangutan, who arrived with a weight of 1 kilogram after a 9-month gestation, have reached the first year and two months of life with excellent health, according her Madrid' zoo keepers.

  • Cocolisap outbreak paralyzes livelihood of farmers in Basilan.

  • The Ministry of Agriculture records the total of drought-stricken land from January to August this year of 56,334 hectares so that 18,516 hectares of agricultural land failed to harvest. The drought spread in West Java, South Sulawesi, Aceh, and others. Based on data from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), it is predicted that the drought will continue until late October 2017. BMKG has released that most of Java is currently experiencing the peak of the dry season, and will enter the start of the rainy season in October-November 2017. The start of the 2017/2018 rainy season in most areas is expected to begin late October-November 2017 in as many as 260 season zones or 76 percent and experience peak rainy season in December…

  • Nearly 100 rescued dogs and dozens of rescued cats arrived in New York City on September 8, 2017, after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas and surrounding areas a week prior. After the largest rainstorm event in U.S. history -- 51 inches of rain in some places -- various animal adoption agencies worked together to transport the shelter animals where they would have a better chance of survival. (Photo by Michael Nigro)

  • Peter Thomson, outgoing President of the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, delivered a final press briefing at UN Headquarters, summarizing what he saw were the key accomplishments of the Assembly during his tenure and providing an overview of new and remaining challenges facing the UN as it prepares for the start of 72nd General Assembly on September 12th.

  • Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) supporters and activists during a peaceful protest rally and gathering against Rohingya crisis in front of Myanmar Consulate, protest demand for stop genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

  • A view of the heavy monsoon rain.Heavy downpour in different areas of the provincial capital continuous rain in different parts of the city perturbed office.

  • Abandoned gold mining well after the tragedy in 2012 killing hundreds of miners

  • The koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. It is listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to habitat destruction and fragmentation.

  • The Sri Lankan capital has been lashed by heavy rains causing major traffic jams throughout the city on September 5, 2017.

  • A coalition of animal rights, vegan & environmental activists rallied along Broadway & 23rd Street prior to marching downtown to protest animal testing, industrialized slaughter, exploitation of animals in carriages & in general. After speeches calling for an end to meat & dairy products, marchers proceeded along Broadway heading downtown.

  • People are trying to take shelter in heavy rain at Agartala, capital of the northeastern state of Tripura.

  • A view of the heavy monsoon rain that experienced the Provincial Capital in Lahore.

  • Rains accompanied by the wind and mild temperatures, down to 20 ºC, are witnessed during the afternoon hours at Madrid Zoo. Jacobin pigeons, a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding, appeared angry at the bad weather.

  • Migrant's manifestation and Home Movement against evictions and for the right to housing.

  • Visitors ride on Double-humped Bactrian camels at Sand Dunes leisure park at Nubra Valley in Ladakh, Indian-administered Kashmir, Camel safari a popular attraction in Ladakh.

  • At 6.15 am the riot police turned away from the aisles in front of the Palace cleared three days earlier in via Curtatone about 200 refugees while they slept, first through the energetic use of a hydrant then with police in a riot control that has dispersed people. There were wet and dirty blankets and foliage in the place, envelopes containing the few personal effects along with shoes, clothes, milk, biscuits, cutlery. Towards the end of the morning, a woman was injured and escorted to the hospital because she was struck by a jet of water from the alien used to drive out some protesting women. In the afternoon a new intervention by police forces near Termini Station, which arrested some people.

  • Three days after the removal of a palace occupied in Via Curtatone by about 1,000 political refugees for 4 years, about 400 people spend the nights and the days in front of the busy palace refusing, because they find it inadequate, some transfer solutions.

  • Across Bangalore, people can be seen making Ganesha idols for the upcoming festival.

  • Protesters made a march from the Ministry of Immigration Policy to the offices of the European Commission Representation in Greece. Afghans demand the immediate cessation of all deportations, equal treatment of refugees, and the annulment of the EU-Turkey Agreement and the Common Agreements Promotion Agreement, which will deport thousands of Afghans from the EU.

  • Partial eclipse, of 14%, before sunset in Spain. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the sun for a viewer on Earth.

  • The number of deep volcanic earthquakes and shallow volcanic earthquakes as well as some tremors, such as recorded through seismographs During the rainy season this year, as the lava dome grows very significantly, since the fall of the lava dome 2 weeks ago, said the head of the observation post of Sinabung volcano. Is expected to be even greater, within the next few weeks.

  • Cyclonic-strength winds fan fire in Sydney Harbour

  • The lake of Bracciano (Rome), a lake of volcanic origin and water reserve of the capital, located in the north of the city of Rome, is drying (it fell 1.4 meters below the threshold) due to the drought and the catch of water for hydroponable use by Acea Ato2 Spa - controlled by the municipal Acea (Municipal Energy and Environment Company) - to serve Rome Capital.

  • Highland cattle are an old Scottish breed of cow which has lived for centuries at the Scottish Highlands. They have double hair coat which help them to cope with the harsh conditions of the these lands.

  • This herd of reindeers, found in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland, is Britain's only free-ranging herd. The reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) is a species of deer with circumpolar distribution, native to arctic, subarctic, tundra, boreal, and mountainous regions of northern Europe, Siberia, and North America.

  • Gurez, also pronounced Gorai in the local Shina language, is a valley located in the high Himalayas, about 86 kilometres from Bandipore and 123 kilometres from Srinagar in northern Kashmir and southern Gilgit-Baltistan.

  • The jazz guitarist Nicola Mingo performed in Rome at the music festival 'Bouganville Climontana'. With him on stage Ettore Carucci on piano, Giorgio Rosciglione on double bass and Gegè Munari on drums.

  • Several families were take shelter in different schools and relief camps as they rendered homeless because of flooding in the eastern outskirt of Agartala.

  • Firefighters' intervention in Casoria, in the province of Naples, to extinguish toxic fires due to fires and waste.

  • A storm surge occurred in the northern region of Italy, Luguria. It wasn't possible to take any bath, because of the danger.

  • The amount of lava material that has accumulated in Mount Sinabung since eruption 2013, made the Lau Borus River full of cold lava flood material during rainy seasons, as seen in Selandi Baru Village, Payung Sub District.

  • On August 10, 2017; over 100 activists from indigenous, environmental and community groups held a protest outside Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York, as the bank hosts a private finance conference for oil, gas, and pipeline corporations. A 40-foot wide, 7-foot tall set of interlocking panels forming a large mural was held in front of the doors blocking the entrance to the building, resulting on 5 arrests.

  • Since the the lava dome of Mount Sinabung collapse last week, mount Sinabung still shows its activity, marked with high sulfatara at the top of Sinabung and lava incandescent.

  • The famous Italian jazz singer performed on 7/8/2017 at Casa del Jazz in Rome at the end of the 'Summertime 2017' event, presenting his latest album, 'Abbey's Road, a tribute to Abbey Lincoln'. With her on stage, Giovanni Falzone on trumpet, Filippo Vignato on trombone, Matteo Bortone on bass and Ermanno Baron on drums.

  • The Calatagan solar farm is a 160 hectares land covered with 200,000 solar panels and generates 63.3 megawatts of electricity per day on summertime. The farm is owned by Solar Philippines, a company which aims to eradicate poverty and lower electricity price thru clean energy. The solar farm is the largest in Luzon island and second largest solar farm in Southeast Asia.

  • Indian student participate in a rally in demand to nuclear weapon free world on occasion of 72nd anniversary of Hiroshima bombing on August 6, 2017 in Kolkata. Hiroshima suffered US atomic bombing in 1945 during World War II.

  • Matteo Cidale and Valerio Vantaggio, two young Italian jazz drummer talents performed in the splendid frame of Villa Celimontana in Rome. With them on stage Leonardo Corradi at the Hammond organ and one of the best international jazz trumpeters, Flavio Boltro. Matteo Cidale (L), Leonardo Corradi, Fabio Boltroand Valerio Vantaggio (D)

  • Potato farmers around Sinabung were forced to harvest their crops earlier in causes of eruption three days ago, resulting in the leaves of their plants drifting in the volcanic ash of eruption of Mount Sinabung.

  • Pierluigi Siciliani (Piji) is an Italian songwriter who proposes a new way of making music, the electro swing, through new electronic timbres and jazz improvisation, author's song and jazz manouche. On 3/8/2017 he performed at the Jazz House at 'Summertime 2017' event. With him on stage Augusto Creni on manouche guitar, Egidio Marchitelli on electric guitar, Gian Piero Lo Piccolo on the clarinet, Saverio Capo on bass, Amedeo Ariano on drums, Michela Andreozzi actress, Max Vado actor and director, Karen Fantasia and Alessandra Ruggiero ballet dancers

  • Heatwave continue in the center and south of Spain. Very high temperatures up to 38ºC are seen during the afternoon hours at the Madrid

  • Peter Erskine is a world jazz icon. His myth begins with the Weather Reports with Jaco Pastorius and Joe Zawinul. As a leader he also writes beautiful music pages with his European trio together with John Taylor and Palle Danielsson. On 1/8/2017 he performed in Rome at 'Summertime 2017' event presenting his latest record: 'Dr. UM '. With him on stage Iohn Beasley on piano, Bob Sheppard on tenor and soprano sax and Benjamin Shepherd on mass. Benjamin Shepherd

  • Heavy monsoon rain and water released by Damodar Valley Corporation flood hits Amta of Howrah district, the parts of Amta still under flood water though the condition improve on August 1, 2017 in Amta, Howrah.

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