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  • Around 3,500 birds were released in Almazán for a race of approximately 400 kilometers between this town in the north of Spain and Barcelona.

  • Devotees participate in chariot procession of Rato Machhendranath,God of rain along with Minnath on the third day of the month-long festival. Devotees pull the chariots from Mangalbazar,Patan Durbar Square towards Sundhara.

  • The greatest motorcycle show took place at Fencing Olympic stadium of Hellenicon airport in Athens Greece. Most of the motorcycle brands pressented current and future models to thousands of guests. The event had stund shows, competitions, contests, test drives and giveaways with many prizes for the guests.

  • Silhouette of Democracy Monument during sunset. Democracy Monument has been used as an important area for political gatherings such as the gathering of people and students in the 14th October 1973. Vichan Poti/Pacific Press

  • This morning in the woods of capodimonte with the presence of the head of the Italian police Dr. Franco Gabrielli and the Chief of Police of Naples Dr. Antonio De Iesu has been entitled a hall to Salvatore Ottolenghi, father of the Scientific Police.

  • Devotees pull the chariot of Rato Machhendranath during the first day of Rato Machhendranath festival .Rato Machhendranath is worshipped both by Hindus and Buddhists as god of rain for prosperity.

  • Action during soccer match between SSC NAPOLI and UDINESE at San Paolo Stadium in Napoli .final result SSC NAPOLI vs. UDINESE 4-2

  • The West Bengal BJP Mahila Morcha (Women’s Wing) organised a protest rally in the city of Kolkata demanding Justice for the Rape Victims in the state. The movement was led by West Bengal BJP Mahila Morcha President Locket Chatterjee along with several other BJP Activists who participated in the rally that started from Gandhi Statue on Mayo Road and terminated near Sardar Vallabhbhai Statue near Central Kolkata. “Atrocities against any woman should not be considered on the basis of her religion or caste. In all the cases, the culprits should be punished" Chatterjee said.

  • Indonesian worker carving part gamelan at a workshop in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Gamelan is the traditional sounds of Indonesia.

  • Borobudur Masterpiece 2018 held to advance Indonesia tourism and display dance regions, Batik fashion and music. Borobudur temple is the site world heritage who was noted officially by UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation ) as world cultural heritage site.

  • Kashmiri law students hold placards during protest against the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl, in Srinagar, Indian Administered Kashmir on 18 April 2018. The Minor girl was found murdered after a week of her kidnapping, police later arrested 6 people in connection with the Rape and murder. While as some of the Indian hindu radical groups and Lawyers claim that the accused are not guilty and are trying to stop the investigations by giving a communal angle to the incident.

  • Varanus salvator while eat fish on public Lumpini. According to the data in 2018 Varanus salvator the number is increasing it was spread around the marsh in the area Lumpini Park.

  • On the occasion of the oath of the students of the Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli province of Napoli, It is expected to pass the Frecce Tricolori, Italian National Acrobatic Patrol.

  • In country’s one of the backward state Jharkhand observed first Pride Walk today. Members of the LGBTQ community organized the state's first Queer Pride Parade in Jamshedpur. The members left no stone unturned to make the event a memorable one - with rainbow flags, balloons and celebratory music beats, the streets of Jamshedpur wore a happy and gay look.

  • Producing an earthenware at home industry at Magelang

  • Citizens of Kolkata came together in solidarity for the eight-year-old rape victim in Kathua. Citizen holding candle light vigil and demanding justice for Asifa. The protest march started at Press Club, Kolkata.

  • Devotees perform religious rituals and take holy bath at a pond,stone taps in remembrance of their deceased mothers on Mata Tirtha Aunsi, or the Mother's Day in Matatirtha, Kathmandu,Nepal.

  • People listen and dance on jazz music played by Reseta Secreta trio on 42nd street subway station in Manhattan

  • Students across Kashmir protests and demanding justice against brutal gang rape and murder of an eight-year old tribal Muslim girl Asifa. Asifa was found dead after raped in a forest in January 2018 near Kathua city of Indian-administered Kashmir.

  • A group of pellet victims and the members of an NGO held a protest against the use of pellet guns by Indian forces on protesters in Lal Chowk area of Srinagar,Indian Administered Kashmir on 15 April 2018 .The protest was organised by a local NGO "Save the eyes Foundation" in solidarity with the pellet victims injured in Forces action since 2010. According to the Report published by Amnesty International, the use of pump action pellet guns by Indian Forces have left 14 people dead and hundreds have lost their eye sight and some of them permanently since June 2016.

  • Buddha Krishna Baga Shrestha travels around the town carrying a round bamboo rack with a flaming torch after getting his tongue pierced with an iron spike during the Tongue Penetration Festival at Bode in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The festival has a belief that the procession after penetrating an iron spike and walking around the town shouldering a round bamboo rack with a flaming torch brings good fortune to the villagers.

  • People of Sikh religion in Gurduwara during Baisakhi festival in Srinagar, Kashmir. Baisakhi, marks the Sikh New Year and is also celebrated as harvest festival in many northern states of India.

  • Some runners independent 8.000 follow Mandiri Jogja Marathon 2018. Runner 22 countries participating in among others of Malaysia, Japan, Kenya, Brunei Darussalam, Ireland, India, China, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines and Australia .

  • Baisakhi 2018, one of the prime festivals for the followers of Sikh religion, is celebrated annually on April 13 or 14. The day marks the birth of Khalsa Panth under Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhs, in the year 1699. Also on this day, Sikh New Year is celebrated. North Indians, especially people in Punjab and Haryana, thank the God Almighty for good harvest.

  • People held a torch and candle light protest against the rape and murder of Asifa an 8 year old minor girl in Lal chowk Area of Srinagar, Indian Controlled Kashmir on 14 April 2018. Asifa was found murdered after a week of her kidnapping, police later arrested 6 people in connection with the Rape and murder. While as some of the Indian hindu radical groups and Lawyers claim that the accused are not guilty and are trying to stop the investigations by giving a communal angle to the incident.

  • Meraj-ul-Alam (the night of Journey and Ascension) was observed across the Kashmir valley on Saturday after nightlong prayers at different mosques and shrines of Valley. The day is observed on 27th Rajab, as per the Islamic lunar calendar to mark the anniversary of heavenly journey of Holy Prophet. it is mentioned in the islamicbooks that on the night of Meraj, Allah (swt) declared five times prayers mandatory upon the Muslims.

  • Hundreds of scientists, researchers, and students from around the New York City area gathered in Washington Square Park on April 14, 2018; for the “March for Science New York City”, a rally and teach-in in support of science and evidence-based public policy before marching to City Hall park.

  • Local people pull down the ceremonial wooden pole during the celebration of traditional Bisket Jatra Festival or Nepali New Year to welcome spring in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

  • People pray at Hazratbal Shrine on the eve of Mehraj-ul-Alam at Hazratbal Shrine in Dargah Area of Srinagar, Kashmir on 14 April 2018. Hundreds of devotees throng Hazratbal shrine to have a look on the Possible Holy Relic which is said to be hair of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

  • Farmers doing rice harvesting process in Yogyakarta in this summer

  • The water leak from pipe on jalan Harupat, Sempur, Bogor, on Saturday (14/4/18) made some operators from Local Water Supply Utility busy. Because the leak was near Bogor Presidential Palace and the road is usually used by the President. Not only made a long traffic jam, this leak is also used by some people to wash their motorcycle.

  • The Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University on Saturday brought out the 'Mangal Shobhajatra' (a traditional parade) where tens of thousands of people from all walks of life joined to celebrate Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bengali new year 1425. The shobhajatra, led by DU vice chancellor Md Akhtaruzzaman, started from the fine arts faculty premises around 9:00am. Cultural affairs minister Asaduzzaman Noor, along with teachers and students, also joined the rally. Mangal Shobhajatra has become an integral part of the Bengali culture to celebrate Pahela Baishakh that upholds secularism, religious harmony and solidarity. The Mangal Shobhajtara, also a UNESCO cultural heritage, this year featured replicas of sun, heron, fishes, elephant,…

  • The whole group of -Gajan- is doing make up and doing rituals before starting the 'Shiber Gajan', in the outskirts of Agartala, capital of the Northeastern state of Tripura,India . 'Shiber Gajan', a traditional festival of the Hindu community in Tripura. In Bengal and areas having Bengali speaking populace, Gajan is a unique festival celebrated in the last two days Chaitra which marks the end of the Bengali New Year. The festival usually starts in mid April. Though Gajan is primarily a festival of the farming community, it is widely practised by daily wagers and people from other humble professions, who bear close affinity to Shaivism or the cult of Lord Shiva. The festival involves…

  • Workers on a fiber glass make truck and bus accessories in studio at Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Product of bus and truck car such as front cowl bus, rear cowl bus, Dashboard bus, Front ducting bus, rear ducting bus, roof bus, and cover corner sold to bus companies and trucks to Asia.

  • People clash with government forces in Soura area of Srinagar, Indian Administered Kashmir on 13 April 2018. People took to the streets to protest against the recent civilian killings in Kulgam District of Kashmir. Curfew was imposed in many area of Kashmir to thwart the strike call given by the pro freedom camp.

  • Members of Indonesia Chevrolet Trax Owner Community gather during touring Jakarta to Yogyakarta.

  • Both Thai and foreign tourists hold water gun joining Songkran festival at Silom road in Bangkok."The Songkran Water Festival Campaign Safe 2018 " will be held from 13th to 15th April.

  • The Prospect Park Alliance, with help from NYC Council Member Mathieu Eugene, broke ground in Prospect Park to start a new adult recreation area in Park's Parade Ground that will include twelve types of fitness equipment and a cooling, misting line near to the soccer fields.

  • Activists from the Elevator Action Group with Rise and Resist took a subway ride with NYCT President Andy Byford on April 13, 2018. The trip illuminated some of the problems with signage, separate fare payment systems, boarding areas, and many other accessibility issues. Byford plans to incorporate accessibility priorities in a comprehensive corporate plan expected to be released in May.

  • The archaeological finds recovered from the Carabinieri nucleus of Perugia. Italy - Naples April 13, this morning in the common hall there was the ceremony to return to the city of Naples some artistic assets stolen from the altar of the "Temple of the Scorziata" in 1994 and rediscovered by the Carabinieri Nucleo Tutela Cultural Heritage of Perugia with the Mayor Luigi de Magistris.

  • People clash with government forces in Soura area of Srinagar, Indian administered Kashmir on 12 April 2018. Strike call was given by the pro freedom leaders and People took to the streets to protest against the killing of 4 civilians during a gun fight between Rebels and Forces in Kulgam District of Kashmir on 11 April 2014.

  • Waste Management Site (TPS) 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) is a waste recycling site for re-use as a value-added recycling product. Located in Cibereum highway, Mulyaharja Sub-district, Bogor City, West Java. This waste management site, in a day can carry as many as 15 cubic meters of household waste and restaurant in 7 areas in Mulyaharja Sub-district. This garbage is processed by using three machines that are machine enumerator and sieve machine for organic waste and press machine for non organic waste. For organic waste can be made into a natural fertilizer (compost) or made biogas as a power plant. Meanwhile, non-organic waste will be pressed for resale. From this waste recycle, in a month, average income is Rp 1.200.000 rupiah

  • On April 12, 2018; at the steps of City Hall, and on the heels of last week’s protest of Mayor de Blasio’s silence on safer consumption spaces as a life saving intervention, members of Housing Works, VOCAL, Harm Reduction Coalition, Drug Policy Alliance, BOOM! Health, SIFNYC, and other advocacy groups continued their efforts to publicly educate Mayor de Blasio on the strong evidence behind supervised consumption sites (SCS) as a public health intervention that saves lives.

  • Kampung thematic Agro Eduwisata Organik located in Kampung Ciharashas RT. 05 RW. 01, Mulyaharja, Bogor City, West Java, provide basic education on organic farming in theory and practice to elementary school students. These students are taught about rice cultivation that includes plows with traditional and modern way, seed selection, rice planting, organic fertilizer making, vegetable pesticide manufacture, preparing compost fertilizer, making biogas from cow dung. Learning activities with these farmers, to create an independent and creative farmer regeneration from an early age while maintaining environmental conservation through organic farming, Wednesday (11/4/18).In Indonesia agriculture has a very strategic and important role. in addition…

  • Opening ceremony of the 2018 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival at Philadelphia's Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens.

  • Babul Supriyo Minister of State for Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises During the launch of CNG Run Mahindra Powerol forays Generator

  • Devotees pull the chariot of Lord Bhairav on the first day of celebration of Bisket Jatra festival in Bhaktapur,Nepal. Bisket Jatra is one of the major festival of the country as a tradition in celebration to welcome spring season and Nepali New Year.

  • Rains lash Kashmir on 10 April 2018.

  • At the castle of the Maschio Angioino the body of the State Police celebrated its 166th year since its birth.

  • Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja is an institution that moves in wildlife conservation endangered protected. Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja not only serves to maintain, observe and protection wildlife but provided also other facilities to support various activities outbond and camping ground.