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  • Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band from Falun. The band's main lyrical themes are based on war and historical battles - the name is a reference to a sabaton, knight's foot armor. The armor and battle theme is heard in the albums Primo Victoria, The Art of War, Attero Dominatus, Coat of Arms, Carolus Rex, Heroes, and The Last Stand in which all of the songs contain these motifs, except final tracks which are tribute songs to influential heavy metal bands. Lyrical content drawn from World War I, World War II and other historical conflicts is prevalent and lyrics often recite stories of heroic deeds by men and armies from all over the world.

  • Ministry is an American industrial metal band founded by lead singer and only original member Al Jourgensen in 1981. Originally a new wave synthpop outfit, Ministry changed its style to become one of the pioneers of industrial metal in the mid-1980s. Ministry found mainstream success in the early 1990s with their fifth studio album Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs (1992) and touring as part of the Lollapalooza festival. Ministry broke up in 2008 after 27 years of recording and performing, and Jourgensen had since stated that they would never reunite. However, the band announced a reunion in August 2011, and has released two more studio albums since then: Relapse (2012) and From Beer to Eternity (2013). Their next studio…

  • Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. The band is considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as a progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, have been referred to as the "unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal in the early to mid-seventies".

  • Before the parade, the gathering took place at 16 in the Town Hall Square, where representatives of the LGBTQ world were present on stage, as well as other guests, including the godfather of the Parthenon event, Monica Sarnelli, and Mayor Luigi de Magistris. On the facade of Palazzo San Giacomo was also hanging the flag of the event. " The intervention of Maria Rosaria Malapena, an activist of Arcigay Naples, and delegated for the area of ​​Sexuality and Disability, suffered from spastic tetraparesis. From the Piazza Municipio, then the parade with the head of the commune gonfalone is festive, ironic and engaging as always, to reach Castel dell'Ovo, passing via Toledo, Piazza Trieste and Trento, Piazza del Plebiscito, via Santa Lucia…

  • The website of Google Shopping service is seen in Manila, Philippines. According to news reports, the European Commission has issued a 2.42 billion euro fine on Google over the alleged promotion of its shopping service over other similar services in search results listings.

  • Devin Garrett Townsend (born May 5, 1972) is a Canadian musician, songwriter and record producer. He founded extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad and was its primary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist in from 1994 to 2007, and has an extensive career as a solo artist.

  • Queensrÿche is an American heavy metal band. It formed in 1982 in Bellevue, Washington out of the local band the Mob. The band has released 14 studio albums, one EP, several DVDs, and continues to tour and record. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Geoff Tate, guitarists Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield.

  • Avatar is a metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Formed in 2001, the band has released six studio albums, the most recent being Feathers & Flesh in 2016. The band has had some success on US rock radio as well, notably with their song "New Land", which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in May 2017.

  • Animals as Leaders is an American instrumental progressive metal band from Washington, D.C. It currently consists of guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes and drummer Matt Garstka, having been formed by Abasi in 2007. They are a prominent band within the djent scene. Prosthetic Records released the band's self-titled debut album in 2009. They went on to release the albums Weightless (2011), The Joy of Motion (2014), and The Madness of Many (2016).

  • The lead TV and lyricist Paolo Limiti died at 77 in his home in Milan. He was born in Milan on May 8, 1940. As a singer, he collaborated mainly with Mina for whom he wrote songs of great success as "Bugiardo e incosciente" and "La voce del silenzio".

  • Another great artist like Gigi D'Alessio on the stage at the Napoli Pizza Village at a free concert in collaboration with Radio RTL 102.5 among the enthusiasm of his many fans

  • Contemporary works by the artist Angelo Casciello. Works of the sculptor Angelo Casciello exhibited in the archaeological site of Pompeii.

  • Children gathered hitting casks wrapped in animal skins to be beaten. Accompanied by fireworks and firecrackers by welcoming the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has set Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1438 H fell on June 25. Instantly the voice of takbir echoed from various corners in the capital.

  • Gay Pride 2017 show in Naples started under the town hall.

  • LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) supporters and members participate during the annual LGBT Pride Parade in Marikina City, east of Manila, Philippines. Thousands of members and supporters of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community marched in the 21st year of the oldest pride march in Southeast Asia, as they called on for the passage of anti-discrimination laws protecting the LGBT community, as well as for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the predominantly Catholic country.

  • Thousands of Filipino and foreigners joined the annual lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Metro Manila Pride March in Marikina City. The groups also called the equality and respect.

  • Painting during the "Giorgione And The Seasons of the Heart' exhibition in Rome. The Exhibition which is based on two locations (Palazzo Venezia and Castel Sant'Angelo) is built around the painting of Giorgione, "Two Friends'. The exhibition contains around 100 works of art including canvases, plates, print books and manuscripts, bronzes and marble from major international museums. The opens on June 24 , 2017 and runs till September 17, 2017.

  • Free Concert by Bianca Atzei for RTL 102.5 at the Pizza Village in Naples, a nine-day event with surprise guests and pizzaioli competitions at the most beautiful waterfront in Italy

  • Franco Ricciardi is a songwriter of Napoletan origins who is a guest of the Pizza Party, a culinary event with all the pizzerias of Naples and beyond. The noem of the event is Pizza Village

  • Bianca Atzei Italian singer-songwriter with Max Biagi pilot. Sing at the Pizza Village in Naples

  • Five Finger Death Punch, formed in 2005, often shortened to Death Punch and abbreviated as 5FDP or FFDP, is an American heavy metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Italian singer Francesco Gabbani performs live on stage of Napoli Pizza Village 2017, with a free concert Radio RTL 102.5.

  • An eye catching view of the sunset in River Ravi during the longest day of the year. The longest day on June 21 marks the peak of summer when the sun comes closest to the northern hemisphere. Solstice is defined as either of the two times of the year at which the sun is farthest north or south of the equator.

  • Alex Britti free concert on the Pizza Village Stage, singer run by RTL 102.5 presented its new album in the name of Volume- Volume 2 containing seven solar songs, positively reflecting a bit of the happy mood of a happy man.

  • Boys play with their skakeboards at Kilometer Zero in Manila on Go Skateboarding Day. Go Skateboarding Day was conceived in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboarding Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding as a sport.

  • Daniel Melingo "Anda Tour 2017" performs live at Hotel Palatino in Rome, Italy.

  • Three Italian jazz musicians, Marcello Rosa to the trombone, Flavio Boltro to the trumpet and Enzo Pietropaoli at the double bass, much appreciated in Italy and abroad

  • Ermal Meta's Concert, guest on stage at RTL 102.5 at the Pizza Village on the Naples Promenade, completed the adventure as Judge of Friends, is already packed with his sold-out tour in which the artist is busy until September. His album "Vietato Morire" - a double CD that also contains the previous Umano album, or the entire Ermal Meta artistic solo route - has been certified as a gold disc, while the single singer has earned platinum.

  • Again this year, from 17 to 19 June, the traditional 'Infiorata' was repeated in the small town of the Roman castles, which dates back to 1778. The religious, historical and folkloric event extends over an area of about 2000 square meters, covered with thousands of flower petals used to make designs that change every year. It is held in the recurrence of the Corpus Domini, on which after the Eucharistic celebration there is a procession presided by the Bishop Marcello Semeraro, on the streets of the town and on the site of the Infiorata presided by the Bishop and the participation of local civilian and military authorities.

  • A worldly long-awaited event in the city also for the prestigious location that hosts it, Palazzo Caracciolo MGallery by Sofitel, located in the heart of Naples, in via Carbonara. The beautiful 16th century cloister of the hotel for one evening is dyed with green with lights and special effects, on the catwalk for haute couture the new collections signed Gai Mattiolo, Plein sud, Just Cavalli, Maria Grazia Severi and Ermanno Scervino proposed by Noemi Boutique. While accessories have been a great success, the new collection of Tom Bags, inspired by the world of tattoos, with its strong colours and gritty style. Much admire the models in a look from the tropical mood thanks to the creativity of team Leo for the hairstyles and staff of Liliana…

  • Water reflection after the rain at Vijay Chowk Rajpath in Delhi on Saturday.

  • A workshop at the flame in via Falcone. The workshop event was attended by Maury Povia of the EMP agency and Gianpaolo Mai, the director who directed Giancarlo Giannini in the comedy in memory of Massimo Troisi, was also present the actress of Mediaset Nancy Mastia. The guests were also Rita Forzano director casting Endemol and Rai who recently finished working on the casting "try again prof" and "Sisters" with Anna Valle.

  • "Tropical" atmosphere for the summer edition of the event "The stars of fashion at Palazzo Caracciolo", a successful event happening by Ludovico Lieto of Visual Communication. A world-class and elegant event where the excellence of fashion, gastronomy and entrepreneurship will be protagonist, scheduled for Thursday, June 15, at 8.30 pm, inside the spectacular 16th-century cloister of Palazzo Caracciolo MGallery by Sofitel, located in the heart of Naples, via Carbonara. We will see in the high fashion walkway the new collections signed by Gai Mattiolo, Plein Sud, Just Cavalli, Maria Grazia Severi and Ermanno Scervino, proposed by Noemi Boutique, synonymous with class and elegance. For the accessories, the new collection of…

  • Anonymous artist "Colective Luzinterruptus" create the artistic piece "The waste Maze", an installation open to the public from 15 to 18 June. The installation are built from used plastic bags and bottles. The empty bottles mainly be collected from in and around Plaza Mayor, Main Square.

  • MANN Museum in Naples shows "il mondo che non c'era". There were 200 works of art from the Ligabue Collection exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) at the exhibition "il mondo che non c'era". The exhibition is open until 30 September 2017.In picture works of art exhibited at MANN.

  • The growth of lava dome mount Sinabung it’s getting bigger, since the lava dome collapse last April 2017.

  • Works of award-winning visual artists Fernando Cacnio and Nune Alvarado

  • Fashion Show celebration of S Maison mall which currently bagged the ‘South Asia and Pacific 2017 Special Prize for Interior’ under the ‘Shopping Malls’ category at the recently concluded Prix Versailles World Architecture Awards held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.

  • Mount Sinabung continued its eruption with fully smoked on the top, seen from Perteguhen village, Karo district.

  • Travel through the streets and canals of Copenhagen, Denmark, through the emotions of the people.

  • The station was inaugurated on June 6, 2017. The project of the station, architect Zaha Hadid, was officially presented on November 4, 2003. The new station has been compared in the railway area to the Naples high speed-high porthole port in Naples as it will receive all high-speed trains.

  • Inauguration of the sanctuary of the municipal camp in Santo Stefano in Qualiano, with the cut of the ribbon of Mayor Ludovico de Luca and the people, and inaugural game between the administrators and football figures.

  • Contact juggling is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects such as balls in contact with the body. Although often used in conjunction with "toss juggling", it differs in that it involves the rolling of one or more objects without releasing them into the air.

  • The National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP) is the largest demonstration of cultural pride in the nation. Now in its 60th year, the parade takes place on June 11, 2017; from 44th Street to 79th Street along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, in honor of the 3.5 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico and over 5 million people residing in the United States.

  • The Italian jazz vocalist has performed at the House of Jazz in Rome in his latest album, 'Going for the Unknown', homage to Wayne Shorter's music and genius. With her on stage Alessandro Gwis at piano and electronics, Pietro Ciancaglini at double bass and Marco Valeri on drums.

  • Maria Chiara Fraschetta, better known by her stage name Nina Zilli, is an Italian singer-songwriter. After releasing her debut single "50mila", she achieved commercial success with the album Sempre lontano, released after participating in the newcomers' section of the Sanremo Music Festival 2010.

  • Negrita is an Italian rock band from Arezzo, Tuscany. Formed in 1991, the band was named after the song "Hey Negrita", included in The Rolling Stones' album Black and Blue, released in 1976. The band currently consists of Paolo Bruni (also known as "Pau"), Enrico Salvi (known as "Drigo") and Cesare "Mac" Petricich.

  • Negrita is an Italian rock band from Arezzo, Tuscany. Formed in 1991, the band was named after the song "Hey Negrita", included in The Rolling Stones' album Black and Blue, released in 1976.

  • Negrita is an Italian rock band from Arezzo, Tuscany. Formed in 1991, the band was named after the song "Hey Negrita", included in The Rolling Stones' album Black and Blue, released in 1976. The band currently consists of Paolo Bruni (also known as "Pau"), Enrico Salvi (known as "Drigo") and Cesare "Mac" Petricich

  • Negrita is an Italian rock band from Arezzo, Tuscany. Formed in 1991, the band was named after the song "Hey Negrita", included in The Rolling Stones' album Black and Blue, released in 1976. The band currently consists of Paolo Bruni (also known as "Pau"), Enrico Salvi (known as "Drigo") and Cesare "Mac" Petricich.

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