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  • 17 decaying bodies who were brutally killed by terrorist rescued in Marawi City.

  • Forensic police experts and military intelligence examine the wreckage of a car in Kyiv. The commander of Ukraine's military intelligence special ops unit colonel Maksym Shapoval was killed by a bomb attached to the bottom of his vehicle in central Kyiv. Police investigate the incident as an "act of terrorism".

  • Government troops continuously doing house to house clearing operations in Marawi City. House based evacuees asking for more relief goods from NGOs and government as they go hungry. The streets of Marawi is heavily destroyed by bullets, mortar blasts and air strikes. Graffiti praising ISIS is written on walls. Fruits and vegetables in the market are all rotten because of the almost one month unrest in the Islamic City.

  • People clashed with Indian Forces after the Eid Prayers in Eid Gah, Old City, Srinagar

  • Police and Military led Rangsiman Rome, the pro-democracy activist to getting committal permission at the Bangkok Military court. Rome was accused and arrested due to his political movement when he promoted campaign “Say no” on Military’s Referendum voting since 2016 “This arrest was not related with Referendum voting case. Its due to originally I will submitting a question about Thai-China agreement on rapid train construction at the parliament on 26 June 2017. I just questions on transparency of the agreement.” Rome says when he was arrested passed a media’s waiting row. Rome was put in jailed during his lawyer try to request for temporary releasing.

  • Rome Rangsiman, pro-democracy activist was arrested as he come to attend the 85 years anniversary of Thai's democracy revolution as a guest speaker. He was arrested by police due to earlier accused on referendum campaign. Originally, he has plan to submitting an inquiry regarding the buying contract between Thai & China on rapid train construction on the next day.

  • Eddie C. Cabrera aka Virga at the entertainment industry, 50 years old (left) a transgender and John Douglas Clark, 61 yrs. old from Australia and the couple are in 7 years in relationship, joined on the Grand Mass Wedding that was done Rev. Crescencio Agbayani Jr. under by LGBTS Christian Church Inc. in Project 8, Quezon City. The wedding participants are composing of 10 lesbian couples, 4 gay couples and 1 transgender couple.

  • Thousands of displaced Maranao Muslim from the war-torn Marawi City celebrates Eid'l Fitr 2017 inside refugee camps. During Eid, ceasefire between government troops and terrorist groups was declared to pay respect on this important Muslim festivity. Thousands of displaced Maranao Muslim from the war-torn Marawi City celebrates Eid'l Fitr 2017 inside refugee camps. During Eid, ceasefire between government troops and terrorist groups was declared to pay respect on this important Muslim festivity. Thousands of displaced Maranao Muslim from the war-torn Marawi City celebrates Eid'l Fitr 2017 inside refugee camps. During Eid, ceasefire between government troops and terrorist groups was declared to pay respect on this important Muslim…

  • Thousands of people belonging to Casa Pound, right organization, have shown in Rome against Ius Soli, a law that provides for the right of citizenship to anyone who was born in Italy.

  • Thousands of members of Italian far-right movement CasaPound from all over Italy march with flags and shout slogans during a demonstration to protest against the 'Ius Soli' in Rome. The 'Ius Soli' is the right of anyone born in the territory of a state to nationality or citizenship.

  • Patients inside Amai Pakpak Medical center suffer the terror of crossfire in Marawi City.

  • Rescued families from the crossfire between government troops and Maute/ISIS terrorists groups .

  • International Day of Quds, people of conscience gathered in Times Square to express solidarity with all the oppressed human beings of the world and particularly the innocent civilians of Palestine who are victimized by the oppressive and racist Zionist regime.

  • Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli security forces near the border fence east of Jabalia refugee camp, following a demonstration marking al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day.

  • Continued air strikes on the Maute-controlled barangays; street to street and house to house clearing operations; and soldiers patrolling the river and lakes to avoid the terrorist from escaping.

  • Massive clashes broke out between protesters and government security forces in Reshi Bazar area of Anantang district soon as congregational Friday prayers culminated. Youth assembled and hurled stones on government forces and forces resorted teargas shelling

  • Militants convene at Plaza Miranda for its “Walk for Mindanao” in Manila City on June 23, 2017. The group condemned the one month declaration of President Duterte of Martial Law in Mindanao and to call for the stop bombing within the island and to assert for just peace.

  • A hundred people belonging to right-wing parties and associations appeared in the afternoon in Piazza del Campidoglio against the political action of mayor Virginia Raggi and his junta. They attended the event  the former Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno, the Forza Italia Party parliamentarian Maurizio Gasparri and Alessandra Mussolini Euro Parlamentarien.

  • Several hundred people gathered in Capitol Hill Square to protest against Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and her policy after one year of the Five Star government.

  • Funeral prayers the slain Rebel and civilian in Pulwama who was killed during an encounter with Indian Forces in Kakapora. Total of three Rebels had been killed in the encounter. one civilian was killed during protests against the killing of Let Rebels.

  • Police detained Wattana Pumret (M, 62 years-old) accused of the Phramongkutklao Hospital bombing getting committal permit at the Criminal Court.

  • Despite fasting and heavy rains thousands of people participated in last rites of Slain Brath Millitant’s Funeral. Gulzar of Brathkalan who got killed along with his associate Basit Ahmad in a gunfight at seloo area in Sopore some 55 kilometers away from Srinagar the summer capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir on Wednesday morning.

  • On the 30th day of insurgency in Marawi City, continuous air strikes to the four barangays (villages) in the center of the city that is still being occupied by the terrorist groups.

  • On the occasion of World Refugees Day, United Nation Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is seen at a press briefing at UN Headquarters. The general press briefing covering a diverse range of topics pertaining to the UN and its operations marks the first time since assuming his post on January 1st, 2017 that Mr. Guterres has made himself available to the UN press corps in the UN Press Briefing Room.

  • Police arrested 62-year-old Watana, who is suspected to be the Phramongkutklao Hospital bomber, having a health check before presented a warrant of arrest and allegations.

  • Refugee gather in Jakarta, as they mark World refugee day 2017. According to UNHCR data, Indonesia is home for nearly 14 thousands of refugees and asylum, half of them from Afhanistan and Iran. They seeking for resettlement in another countries with they families because of security concerns in their home country, such as war and armed conflict.

  • Student from Darjeeling along with other student holds a solidarity rally for the people of Darjeeling and also appeal to withdraw of paramilitary forces from Darjeeling and the adjacent area on June 20, 2017 in Kolkata.

  • Implementation of curfew hours during Martial Law in Iligan City.

  • Jeepney drivers and operators held a protest in front of the LTFRB (Land of Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board) and DOT (Department of Transportation) lead by the PISTON group. They assembled at the NHA (National Housing Authority) then went to LTFRB which is beside LTO (Land of Transportation Office) to protest against "Scrappage" where traditional jeepney needs to be replace by electric powered jeepney that are imported outside the country. The cost of these electric powered vehicles are more expensive than the fuel power jeepneys. This will also be phasing out the traditional jeepney which has been part of the Filipino culture. The jeepneys has become their bread and butter of these drivers and operators. At the same…

  • Celebrations in Kashmir over the possible Pakistan's win over India in cricket champions trophy.

  • The workers of the main Italian trade union have manifested themselves in Rome to demand more Respect, more Work, more Democracy. Political and trade union representatives also attended the event, including former secretary of CGIL Guglielmo Epifani, national secretary of Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni and the National Metalworker (FIOM) secretary Maurizio Landini. The event ended with the intervention of the national secretary Susanna Camusso The workers of the main Italian trade union have manifested themselves in Rome to demand more Respect, more Work, more Democracy. Political and trade union representatives also attended the event, including former secretary of CGIL Guglielmo Epifani, national secretary of Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni…

  • A banner asking "Verità e giustizia per Ciro" with his picture to open the march and say no to the reduction of punishment for Daniele De Santiis, condemned for the murder of the Napoli fan, Ciro Esposito who lost his life in June 2014.

  • (EDITORS NOTE: Image depicts death.) Thousands attend funeral of a Nasir Ah Wani at Heff Shopian, 75 Km from Srinagar, Wani was killed along with Commander Junaid Mattoo and Adil Mushtaq in a gunfight with forces in Arwani Anantnag. Two civilians also killed when they protested near the encounter site.

  • People offering Nimaza Jinaza of slain constable Tasveer Ahmad Dar in his native village Sorasyar area of Budgam District.who was killed in a militant attack along with Five other Cops in Achabal area of south Kashmir.

  • Thousands of people on Saturday participated in the funeral prayers of slain Lashkar-e-Toiba Febel Adil Mushtaq Mir in Frestbal area of Pampore in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.The funeral prayers were held at a local ground where mourners braving heat and fasting continued to pour in from various parts of south Kashmir.

  • Funeral processions of slain Rebel Junaid Ahmed Matoo resident of Qiomuh Kulgam.Who was killed in yesterday encounter at Arwani area of south Kashmir's Kulgam district some 60 kilometers from summer capital of Indian occupied Kashmir

  • Pichai Naripthaphab detained by military from his resident after he has commented the junta government regarding the action plan to solving an economic problems. It's the 8th detaining after a passed 3 years of Coup. Pichai was detained in Military's Barracks, Army Region 1. While General Chalermchai, the army commander said he wasn't detained to adjust his attitudes but its just an invitation to giving a comments internally. Pichai Naripthaphab is the former Thai Energy Minister and member of Pheu Thai party. He was very outstanding while he was worked with Yingluck Shinnawatra, the former Prime Minister.

  • Youth clash with Indian forces in Srinagar during the protests against the killing of a civilian and a rebel in Kashmir on Friday. A rebel Junaid Mattoo was killed in an encounter with Indian forces in Arwani area of Kulgam District of Kashmir today. Soon after the killing clashes erupted in whole valley which left several injured in police action.

  • Encounter going on between security forces and militants at Arwani area of south Kashmir's Kulgam district some 50 kilometers from summer capital of Indian occupied Kashmir. 3 militants including top Lashkar Toiba commandar Junaid Matoo believed to be trapped inside the area. Meanwhile clashes erupted between forces and protesters.

  • Suspected militants onThursday shot and killed a policeman in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, some 60 kilometers from summer capital of Indian occupied Kashmir. The source said Shabir Ahmad Dar resident of Bogund village had come to the home on leave where he was shot at close range. Shabir according to local sources was immediately shifted to hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.

  • A fisherman while removing a fish and crab trap outside the fishpond that full of garbage in Obando, province of Bulacan on June 5, 2017. Several area of the sea of Obando, Bulacan was infested by garbage from the open landfill from the other town that brought by a wave that depends on the current flow and wind of the ocean.

  • Event organized by Thai LGBTIQ group to condolences and memorialize on the 50 victims massacre in Orlando, California. The event claimed it's the first Thailand's LGBTIQ pride with the motto "No pride under military government - the dictatorship".

  • Student Federation of India and Democratic Youth Federation of India activist protest against police action over the protesting labor of Tea Industry during the Tea Garden strike at North Bengal on June 14, 2017 in Kolkata.

  • Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Institution carries 150 tons of rice donated by the people of Aceh to Africa. As many as 150 tons of rice will be brought to the African Continent through the Port of Belawan, North Sumatra. It is estimated, the journey will take about 30 days. Rice donated through the Humanitarian Ship program aims to ease the burden on the people of Africa, especially Somalia in the face of famine. Previously on June 5, 2017 ACT has sent 1000 tons of rice to Somalia.

  • Historical site of the Italian forum for the movements for water and many other national and local associations, the Rialto building was evicted by the Municipal Administration of Rome Capital. Some demonstrators protested on 13.06.2017 with a procession to Piazza Campo de 'Fiori.

  • Militants attack cops guarding residence of Justice Muzaffar Attar in Anantnag, decamp with 4 rifles.

  • In conjunction with his attendance at a series of United Nations Security Council meetings at UN Headquarters, Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for the Central African Republic and Head of the MINUSCA peacekeeping mission, held a press briefing to discuss the status of peacekeeping efforts and ongoing efforts to address allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by peacekeepers.

  • During the 119th Independence Day celebration in Manila, different civil, militant, religious and activists groups joined the anti-Martial Law in Mindanao and extrajudicial killings.

  • The family, friends and members of marines giving a last salute and honor to the fallen ten soldiers (marines) for their selfless service to the country and protection of its peoples during the mass inside Acero Hall at Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown, Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City on June 12, 2017. The marines died during their battle in Marawi City , Mindanao versus the Maute terrorist group and supporters of ISIS.

  • During the 119th Philippines' Independence Day celebration, a protest against martial law and bombings in Marawi City was attendant by activist and civil groups in Manila.

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