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  • Torchlight in Rigopiano of Farindola to remember and pay tribute, to two months after the tragedy, the 29 victims of the avalanche that swept on the Jan. 18 Rigopiano Hotel, where they were forty people, including customers and employees. Nearly 1,500 people, mayors and administrators of the centers affected by bereavement along with relatives of the disappeared, have traveled on foot the two and a half kilometers until you get to close to the collapsed ruins of the hotel and from whose ruins were also pulled alive by rescuers 11 people.

  • Bangladeshi acid attracts survival walls on a catwalk on the eve of International Woman’s Day during the fashion event ‘Beauty redefined’ arrange by Action Aid Bangladesh.

  • Member’s of Philippine National Police (PNP) S.O.C.O. (Scene of the Crime Operatives) investigated and document the crime scene and remain of Efren Claus Romero Jr, 26 years old was shot at the head by un-identified vigilantes and his friend AKA Muslim also executed at Luzon Avenue, Brgy. Culiat in Quezon City on March 8, 2017.

  • Palace at risk collapse in the historic center. Closed the road with difficulty in the connections due to a slump for the torrential rains of the night.

  • Hundreds of farmers and breeders from Central Italy, whose homes and business were devastated in a series of deadly earthquakes, hold a rally in Montecitorio Square to protest against the slow pace of government aid in Rome, Italy.

  • Children with their parents condemning the proposed to lowering a minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 years old to 9 years old and they also call to stop the Oplan Tokhang witch several children’s died in the operation during their activities in Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) National Cathedral in Ermita. The event was organized by UNCHAIN Children, in partnership with Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) and National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP).

  • Demonstration promoted by the provinces of Abruzzo to demand the amendment of the Decree on the earthquake. Mayors and Presidents of the provinces of Abruzzo earthquake zone , together with the demonstrators protesting against the meager measures undertaken so far by the Government.

  • Mayors and citizens of Italy's Abruzzo region demonstrate to denounce the state of abandonment in which lie the areas affected by the earthquake and ask an extraordinary and decisive response from the Italian Government in Rome, Italy.

  • A procession passed through the city, the initiative organized on the occasion of the international day of action and strike of immigrants, refugees, and anti-racist policies against discrimination.

  • A major fire broke out on the second floor of a three-storied century old building in a in Kolkata’s whole sale market Burara Bazar, fire is still raging in some pickets if the building till Tuesday afternoon.

  • Conditions of land separated by drowning due to abrasion, with the ruins of buildings which are still visible in Pantai Sederhana village.

  • The increased level of poverty in Indonesia makes the most ordinary people decide to live scavengers at one landfill in Medan, Northern Sumatra.

  • Hundreds of motorists “Gojek Online” protest in front the office of their management. The drivers were disappointed because of the policy was taken and the application made suddenly without early notice.

  • At least 700 families were displaced by a fire in Quezon City, Philippines on Sunday that reached Task Force Alpha.

  • The fire victims collecting some metal that they can be used or sold to the junk shop to get money for their family. More than 1,100 houses and more than 3,500 families affected at Parola Fire in Tondo Manila City on February 8, 2017. The fire started at 9:30 PM last night (February 7, 2017).

  • Rains accompanied by strong winds, up to 85 kilometres an hour, hit the village de Baños de Río Tobía, La Rioja province, north of Spain.Several trees fell overnight on graves of the cementery of this village.

  • Rome Februry 2,2017, Piazza Montecitorio ,Manifestation of Municipalities affected by the earthquake in central Italy.

  • Filipino workers hold placards on Thursday, February 2, 2017 in Quezon City, east of Manila, Philippines, during a rally for the victims of a factory fire in Cavite province on February 1, 2017. More than 100 workers were injured when a fire broke out at a factory belonging to Singaporean firm House Technology Industries on the evening of February 2, 2017, according to local media reports.

  • Sinabung re-erupted with the issuing of volcanic material, pebbles and sand.

  • Sinabung developments after the earthquake that shook serdang deli few weeks a go.

  • The Pasar Senen (Senen Market) shopping center was on fire. The fire was reported at 4:45 am, and has been no report on the causes and casualties in the incident.

  • increased activity of Mount Sinabung in recent years, making the local security officers, who come from soldiers of the indonesian army, should be extra tight guarding the entrance to the red zone Mount Sinabung, in view of the activities of the people who come into the area red zone Sinabung, just check their homes or agricultural land they.

  • Gas tank explodes one dead and 5 injured The victim a man. A dead person was killed and five were injured by the explosion of a gas donut.

  • the drop in the price of vegetables makes farmers lose money at the beginning of this year. Along with the basic electricity tariff increase of 900 volts, and the planned increase in fuel oil and others, is not accompanied by the increase in the price of vegetables,. considering the cheapness of the selling price of vegetables, not comparable with the operating costs of farming, not including the cost of harvesting and processing plants., plus many types of pests and plant diseases, making farmers more losers.

  • indonesia, north sumatera, mount sinabung. 12/01/2017. the level of activity of the volcano Sinabung, in the rainy season has increased, marked by the increasing volume of the lava dome, incandescent lava and earthquakes low frequency, and earthquakes other hybrid, such as the news of the monitoring post volcano Sinabung, the volume of the lava dome volcano Sinabung over one million cubic meters and may increase further in the next few days.

  • Fire eruption in a factory manufacturing material for Metro Train in Lahore. At least seven people were killed and twelve injured when a factory manufacturing material for Metro Train building caught fire near Mehmood Booti Interchange in Lahore, local media reported.

  • A fire broke out at Ayudh Bhawan the head office of Indian Ordnance Factory Board in Kolkata, no casualty has been reported.

  • Frattamaggiore. Danger of collapse, evacuated two buildings in Via Massimo Stanzione.Street closed to traffic, to avoid stresses which could cause the collapse of the building.

  • With background, trajectory of Sumatra which runs along the field lines of Berastagi, karo district. a connecting head of Aceh province. Berastagi also still be a tourism destination with a distance of only 60km from medan, and is the only plateau in northern Sumatra.

  • Marcia della Pace in Napoli carried placards with the inscription of the countries that are at war.

  • Mount Sinabung eruption victims are conducting play and learning in order for trauma healing program, accompanied by parent and head of the village which is held by one of the community who care about children in Sinabung, Sibolangit scout campground.

  • Sinabung activity more dangerous during the rainy season. Weathering of rocks from the eruption weakens the north slope stability and the potential for landslides and flash floods, especially in the valley, if at the peak of Sinabung in long duration heavy rain, rain lava potential must also be anticipated.

  • Filipinos looks for salvageable materials following a fire at an informal settler colony in Quezon City, east of Manila, Philippines on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. According to local reports, an elderly person died as 1000 families were displaced by a large fire on Tuesday night, December 27, 2016.

  • At least 40 people were injured on Wednesday when 14 coaches of the Sealdah-Ajmer express train derailed between Rura -Metha in Kanpur Dehat, leading to disruption of rail traffic on the Kanpur route, Railway officials said. At least 40 people have been injured in the mishap, a railway official said. The mishap occurred at about 5:20 AM, 50 kms from Kanpur "The 14 waggons of the Sealdah-Ajmer express train 12988 derailed in the wee hours," a Kanpur Rail division official here said.

  • A homeless child fell asleep on the stairs accompanied by his mom (behind the sack) on the underground tunnel of Depok train station, West Java. According to the Government data from Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2015 there were 28.51 million or 11.13% of the total Indonesian population live below the poverty line. The poverty issue, impacting on many things in the life of the lower classes, one of which is the inability of the community to have a place to stay, and the number of children who drop out of school.

  • Waste crisis, labor dispute waged by the company operators that deals with the collection and disposal of garbage, is leading health and hygiene inconvenience because of non-harvesting.

  • A truck crashed in a crowd on the Berlin Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz. There are several dead and dozens injured in the incident.

  • Fire in Soho's Dean Street. Part of the street was closed by London fire brigade to extinguish the fire on the roof of the building.

  • The Korean tourist looking at the WWII Japanese Counter Attack Plan to American troops in WWII Japanese Last Command Post at Magpi Point in Saipan, USA on December 19, 2016.

  • Family tragedy in Frattaminore, in the province of Napoli, a man killed his wife and three year old son (not shown in photo), committing suicide after.

  • A fire broke out at Korail slum, at beside the Gulshan-Banani Lake around 2.50pm. The Fire Service estimates over 500 shanties have burned down in the fire.

  • A fire broke out at Kolkata’s third floor food court false ceiling of South City Mall on Sunday morning about 9.15am, no casualties reported due to this.

  • Residents look for salvageable materials at a razed informal settler colony in Quezon City, east of Manila, Philippines, on 21 November 2016. A fire broke out at an informal settler colony in Quezon City early Monday morning, razing several homes, leaving five families homeless.

  • Six fire engines (PMK) from various locations trying to extinguish a fire that occurred in a number of stands Pasar Baru Porong Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. The fire occurred in one of the booths that sell goods made of plastic so the fire quickly grabbed the items in it. Unknown cause of the fire because the flames are still ongoing. So also with the amount of the loss is still not assessed.

  • Indonesian police officers carry the body of a victim in the capsizing of a speedboat in Batam. A speedboat carrying Indonesian workers home from Malaysia capsized in stormy weather and police said at least 33 people were killed.

  • A view of a site of the train accident in Karachi. At least 22 people died and over 90 injured when two passenger trains collided near Karachis Landhi Railway Station, officials said. Rescuers armed with metal-cutting equipment and heavy cranes had managed to pull all the passengers from the twisted wreckage."No one is left inside.Witnesses described watching in horror as Zakaria Express from Multan rammed into Fareed Express from Lahore, which was parked there, with the roar of the crash swiftly followed by the screams of people trapped inside. At least two carriages from the trains overturned due to the collision.

  • Presented in Naples on the book "La lunga notte di Aleppo: per capire, sperare, agire"

  • Third day of earth tremors in Norcia after the violent earthquake of October 30 magnitude 6.5 with its epicenter just 4 km to the north of the country. It 'was decided to settle the population quickly set up stations, waiting for relocation to safer places. Taking advantage of the festive day, the affected population accompanied by firefighters in red zone to catch the remaining objects in their houses.

  • The earth still trembles in central Italy. After the strong quake with a magnitude of 6.5 Sunday, October 30 another strong quake took place this morning at 8:08 hours 4.8 that caused new collapses. In Norcia the road that circles the walls opened into two.

  • Pakistani devotees attend the 87 death anniversary celebration of martyred Ghazi Ilm-ud-din in Lahore.

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